Of the spirit, the grit, the fit

  Vijay Phanshikar The first impression of the Nagpur University Playgrounds on Amravati Road nearly fifty years ago was one of a vast expanse of open space, every corner of which had been occupied by young persons engaged in different games. For..

Living With The Floods

We have increased the ferociousness of the floods by making dams, barrages, and embankments. The correct way to manage floods is to live with them. Previously, the floodwater used to flow like a thin sheet of water over large areas of the surroundi..

Agri Reform Needed

By Nantoo Banerjee Advantages of cooperative farming are many. They include consolidation of small units of land; liberal use of mechanisation; adequate and timely use of inputs like fertilisers and pesticides; technical guidance to improve skills a..

Pak Factor In Doka La Issue

By PREET MALIK There exists an alternative, of course, for China -- of dumping Pakistan and choosing India as a strategic trading partner. But in Beijing’s eyes, that would be too great a risk. FOREIGN policy formulations are not undertaken o..

Of freedom of art

  By Vijay Phanshikar     “Art, even modern art, need not be instant. In the luxury of a little time, I can try to avoid some of the most obvious traps of the news. I am, like Popeye, what I am. I do not have to be the represe..

Specific Performance

The HC has ignored the basic principles, while ordering specific performance. Excepting Earnest Money Deposit, the Supreme Court has ordered refund of remaining money paid in advance with simple interest at 6 pc per annum to the plaintiffs within 3 mont..

Dangerous drift toward moral decline of youths - II

THE real-life story of a young earning girl having not a penny in her back account, published in the last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’, triggered many phone calls and e-mail messages sharing similar stories in shocking numbers. Most of these..

The Cause Of The Lost

ISSUES & NON-ISSUES By  Vijay phanshikar Apologies to all these leaders for saying so, but it is necessary to remind them that it is better that they remain free from the trappings of the high offices they seek. For, free from those, they would..

Poor State Of Edn In Bihar

By ARUN SRIVASTAVA Nitish has been consistently harping on reaching education to the door-steps of the poor and downtrodden. For him education is the best  instrument to fight poverty and empower them, especially poor women. But after 13 year..

Shrinking Exports

There is corruption in China too but the corruption is anchored in encouraging businesses and exports. Our bureaucracy, on the other hand, will create roadblocks. They will take bribes to remove these roadblocks. The Chinese  bureaucracy takes..

Trump-Putin Bonhomie

By nantoo banerjee, The two heads of States, two countries’ top diplomats -- Rex Tillerson of the US and Sergei Lavrov of Russia -- and two translators, no one else was privy to the proceedings. However, what did not escape the attention of most G2..

China’s Paradigm Shift

By SUBRATA MAJUMDER Without India, Xi Jinping’s dream project for  globalisation remains half-baked. To this end, China will strive to engage India in larger economic cooperation in its Asian power game. In this exercise, China is unlikely to ..

Of interrogating self

By Vijay Phanshikar, “The failure of architecture to create congenial environment mirrors our inability to find happiness in other areas of our lives. Bad architecture is in the end as much a failure of psychology as of design. It is an example e..

Retire the talk, celebrate the legend

  TRADITIONS can thrive easily, even in the rat-race of commerce. Holding on its own tenet, following its own faith scrupulously, a culture can be firmly defining even in the age of redefining of traditions. The Wimbledon has stood tall as the pre..

Cruelty Not Proved

The court observed that there is no link or intention on the part of the in-laws to assist the victim to commit suicide. In absence of this vital link, the mere fact that there is a finding of harassment would not lead to the conclusion that there ..

Dangerous drift toward moral decline of youths

THIS is one subject that is going to come up for discussion again and again -- regarding the behaviour of youngsters, boys and girls in junior college or college in particular. It is common experience these days about the kind of ‘freedom’ b..

Premeditated Attack

Terrorists are beasts in the form of human species and they are not fit to be part of a civilisation we have built brick by brick through centuries of struggle and fights; they are the darkest blot in human history, inimical to anything that is progress..

Rahul Diatribes!

ISSUES & NON-ISSUES By Vijay phanshikar Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi dubbed Narendra Modi as a “weak PM” for not raising the issue of H-1B Visa in his talks with US President Donald Trump and for playing down the use of the term ..

Uncertain US Policies

By S SETHURAMAN US withdrawal from Paris Agreement on climate change has upset a universally agreed framework to tackle global warming. In the unsettled geopolitical conditions and uncertain US policies under Trump, security and terrorism pose greater ch..

Roadblocks In GST Way

The economy is already reeling under the negative impact of demonetisation. The growth rate has declined from 7 per cent to 6 per cent because small businesses have been hit, employment is down, and demand in the market is less. The GST regime, if impleme..

What Is China Up To?

By Nantoo BanerjeE Two-way dialogues should resolve all disputes between the world’s two major economic powers. Trust is the key. Russia, a common friend of India and China, has always trusted India as a genuine ally and is deeply involved in India..

Right To Repair

Indian consumers need to learn and so should the Government. While ‘Skill India’ is being promoted, it should also tailor it to the concept of self-sufficiency to protect the indigenous innovative workers and the proprietary right of the commo..

Value of Art

  By Vijay Phanshikar   “Humanity has lost its dignity, but Art has rescued it and preserved it in significant stone. Truth lives on in illusions of Art, and it is from this copy, or after-image, that the original image will once ag..

Disbursing Funds To NGOs

            A suggestion was made by the Apex Court to the Central Government to frame guidelines/rules for being implemented, for accreditation and allied measures before finances are extended to NGOs/VOs. It wa..

Launching a rural school-II

O NE of the most touching experiences inrural areas is visiting the schools. In most, facilities are only minimal, and the infrastructure is now here near those available in urban schools. Yet, one does come across at least some schools in which the qua..


  India, Israel and US can form a triumvirate in influencing global strategy towards technology sharing in human development and environment protection, world peace and war against terror. These are all urgent needs and concerns of every civilised..

A Failed Entity - VII

ISSUES & NON-ISSUES By Vijay  phanshikar Pakistan may not have been created under a negative cosmic spell, but it was certainly formed by countless negative forces with diverse objectives, some stated and some unstated. All those forc..

UNCTAD’s Timely Call

UNCTAD plumps for promoting investment in local digital content and services to expedite digital development which meant fostering and maintaining a conducive regulatory framework for digital firms, as well as active support measures. UNCTAD urges po..

From art to philosophy

Vijay Phanshikar Every morning, at 9:30 sharp, Shankarrao Patwardhan would pick up his trademark umbrella and step out of his home in Dhantoli to go to his place of work -- the Central Museum behind the Council Hall in Civil Lines. He was the museum&rs..

GDP Down, Sensex Up

        The Modi Government has pushed Goods and Services Tax (GST) and also followed prudent fiscal policy. The overall governance in the country has also improved. Share markets expect these policies to translate into higher gr..

Modi’s Trump Card

President Trump has departed from the past American policy. The resolve of the two countries to strengthen anti-terror cooperation has come as a big diplomatic win for New Delhi and a big blow for Islamabad which was trying to portray the Hizbul mili..

Between a person and a poet

By Vijay Phanshikar, “We make out of the quarrel with others, rhetoric, but of the quarrel with ourselves, poetry. ... .” - William Butler Yeats, In ‘Anima Hominis’, 1917. COMPLEX words, though they sound so simple. For, in co..

Termination Of Pregnancy

Supreme Court has stated that one facet of granting compensation pertains to negligence and delay, which comes within the domain of public law remedy. The other aspect comes under the scheme of March 24, 2014 framed under Section 357 A of the CrPC...

Touch of greatness

Vijay Phanshikar, One adage that Dhantoli has proved rather wrong is: ‘No prophet is honoured in his own country’. Dhantoli was one area of Nagpur where many truly great personages lived almost simultaneously. The locality honoured all of t..

A Failed Entity - V

“Pakistan is an eternally client State. All the time, it is outsourcing everything. ...”. - A western diplomat who has seen ‘things’ from a close quarter, in a private conversation a few years ago. ..

GST Won’t Affect Society

  The way GST will play out in India is not known as of now. The impact on different sections of the people will be generally neutral because the classification of goods has overall been done decently. However, the level of total tax collecti..

Does Team India really need a coach now?

  By Rahul Dixit “THE only good coach is the one that takes the players to the ground,” spin legend Shane Warne’s sneer for coaches in international cricket is well known. The Australian leggie’s distaste for coaches stemmed..

Dhantoli’s inner space

      Vijay Phanshikar, As boisterous cadets of the National Cadet Corps, we felt immediately sobered when our NCC Officer Major Jamshed Gimi (who also taught us Economics in Hislop College) took us to Major Surendra Deo Park in Dhant..