Pak In Political Drift

By FAZAL MEHMOOD, Amid political uncertainties and security challenges, Pakistan’s traditional resolve to be negative to India at every turn continues unabated. It is not leading to any real fresh thinking of changing course on India. Despite the s..

Action Against Defaulters

By ANJAN ROY, It has been now at least identified that a handful of big defaulters account for a quarter of the total bad loans. The RBI has now set in place an elaborate mechanism for resolving the bad loans, which the banks’ boards and management..

Food Processing Hub

By NANTOO BANERJEE, India’s domestic processed foods market is growing at a much faster pace than those in other parts of the world. Investments already committed in food processing by private sector foreign and local firms at the food meet were a ..

Billionaires On Rise

By JAYANT MURALIDHARAN, A curious development is the gradual decline of many countries that made their wealth through colonisation. Portugal, France, UK, Spain are likely to see their wealth under pressure, as living on other people’s money be..

SC’s Answer To Critics

                  The court has stated in clear terms that it cannot fall prey to such unscrupulous devices adopted by the litigants, so as to choose the benches, as that is a real threat to very exi..


By Srinivasan Rangachary, Chanakya, the original master of statecraft and  policy in India, said in the Arthashastra (Economics): “The foremost duty of a ruler is to keep his people happy and contented. The people are his biggest asset as we..

WTO & Domestic Interests

By G. SRINIVASAN, The issues that might crop up during the ministerial include a permanent solution to public procurement for food security, lowering subsidies on fisheries on grounds of overfishing and to save marine lives, special safeguard mechan..

Public Sector Banks

              It is indeed true that there is a reduction in employment in the companies that are privatised. However, the abovementioned study of Argentina found that “In sectors subject to privatiza..

Chinese Bluster

                    It looks as if China would go on provoking India to exhaust its patience. When war is ruled out, this is the only option China has. How to retaliate, without resorting ..


By KENNY COYLE “Liberal democracy is essentially a polite euphemism for capitalism and Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s vision of Socialist modernisation is, as Kettle rightly notes, at odds with it. “The New York Times calculates that he (X..

A Disturbing Trend

                  The new law had sought to overturn the over two decade old collegiums system, where judges appoint judges. It had sought say of the Executive in appointment of judges. The nati..

Give Back

    As the President suggested, even if not for good, the IIT pass outs who have found the grass greener abroad can certainly come here in short jaunts and spend some time sharing the best of their experiences with the students here. It can..

DeMo Changed Game Rules

By RAMESH  KANITKAR The one thing that can be said about DeMo is that it woke everyone up. Nothing else would have announced to the world with such finality that black money isn’t kosher. At least not to Indians who have, so far, had a wink-an..

Durand Line Pact

By FAZAL MEHMOOD, The Durand Line is a bone of contention between Pakistan and Afghanistan. There is also demand from Afghanistan to re-examine as to under what circumstances Mortimer Durand settled the line. Mortimer Durand was himself against the divis..

Surgical Strike In Saudi

The crown prince, heading a newly-constituted committee against corruption, also notified a list of 40 people with terrorist links, placing a combined reward of $ 400 million on their heads, for plotting against the kingdom. The Saudi authorities hav..

Free Temples From States

By BRIG (RETD) S. N. SACHADEVA, Rich temples such as Tirupati, Guruvayoor, or Mumbai’s Siddhivinayak have routinely been raided to fund State budget programmesor line politicians’ pockets, while what happens in Tamil Nadu can only be describe..

Realm beyond understanding

  By Vijay Phanshikar,       Music seems to have evolved from humanity’s search for that which lies beyond the realm of understanding. Therefore, the very existence of music can be related to god. ... - From A Southern..

Computing ‘Future Prospects’

According to the larger bench, the seminal issue is the fixation of future prospects in cases of deceased, who is self-employed or on a fixed salary. In this case, the court has carved out an exception permitting the claimants to bring materials on reco..

Connect Society

                      It is true that unless the benefits of science and education reach the lives of billions of our countrymen and make them better facilitated, the meaning of all the e..


                        Per se, there is nothing wrong in the concept of autonomy within constitutional framework. But the trouble is that the concept cannot be implemented in a hea..

Future Of Banking Sector

By RAMESH KANITKAR, Regulators should be concentrating on mitigating that risk on society. Fundamentally, it means converting banks into utilities -- essentialinstitutions, but ones that don’t take risks that can put society at risk The Public Sec..

Sensing history’s vibrations

    Vijay Phanshikar, Standing at the Maharajbagh Square in any uncrowded morning can transport one into an altogether different zone. If one is sensitive to silent sounds, then one feels tremendous academic and intellectual vibrations..

Lack Of Care In Hospitals

Population growth is the major factor responsible for increasing mortality rate in Uttar Pradesh. Number of children die due to the load of patients in hospitals. According to the doctors, nearly 4,000 patients are admitted every day. Doctors can&rsq..

Can Interlocutor Help?

Kashmir, no doubt, requires attention, especially for those who believe in a secular and democratic India. No amount of opposition should swerve them from their commitment. If they change, it means that their earlier stance was only a façade ..

Bliss beyond blight

  By Vijay Phanshikar, THAT’s special zone where only a few reside! As he stood on the shore of the Coral Sea on a very chilly morning, iconic swimmer Mark Spitz wondered if he could endure the cold waters. He was preparing for the Olympic ..

Death In Police Custody

The accused respondents are police personnel whose duty was to act in accordance with law. Death had occurred when the deceased was in police custody. The accused had fudged the General Diary Register of the Police Station to put up their defence and had ..

Are we allowing our youngsters to sink into a dark abyss?

      EVEN the honourable Supreme Court has felt that ‘Blue Whale’ computer game is perilous and there is a need for the Government to educate people on its ill-effects and also frame rules to curb the menace. Even the auth..


  “Children are one of the most vulnerable sections of Indian society with the least social security cover for them. They are prone and subject to all forms of physical, mental and sexual abuse, including trafficking.”   Naxalit..

Keep Pushing in Kashmir

Most unfortunately, separatism has occupied an important space in Kashmir’s collective political mindset. This is one reality that the average Indian people find hard to believe, let alone digest. They feel enraged that the powers that be have allow..

NIA On ‘Blood Money’ Trail

NIA On ‘Blood Money’ Trail..

The Silver Lining In Trump

Trump can make it hard for Indian engineers to enter the US, but it is virtually impossible for him to prevent US Corporations from relocating to India. Trump will become our path to global prowess if we can create the enabling conditions for this. O..

Bond of scholarship

    Vijay Phanshikar, To those haloed precincts, we often went with certain trepidation. The very name was daunting. For, whenever Father told stories of Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya, the Diwan of the erstwhile Princely State of Mysor..

Civil-military Integration

The current system of segregating the two sectors seems to be contributing towards sluggishness in the acquisition process and increase in the initial acquisition costs. Studies suggest that it also contributes to decreased economic competitiveness due to..

Winds Of Change In N-E

By SHIVAJI SARKAR, Optimism is being gradually noticed in the North East. The youth are more open and focused. Those who have some pessimism also feel that in the next 10 years the region would be different, prospering and pave the way for a new India th..

Of Theharav

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Theharav. THAT’s the word! The nearest English synonym for Theharav could be ‘Gravitas’! This is one word that fascinates me no end. This is one word that has made me think deeply about life and its nuance..

Welfare Principle

The Supreme Court found that both the children were very comfortable in the company of their mother. They have expressed their desire to stay with their mother. The court also felt that welfare of children lies in allowing the appellant to retain the cust..

Books are backfrom the back-burner

        BOOK sales are going up steadily, a survey has stated recently. Text books were always on a high, but other books too are catching up, the study has indicated. This is a happy note coming from the world of books, from the..


                  “The army in Pakistan is certainly helped by ISI inputs, which though officially is a Government body, is more aligned to the army and the two work in unison, disregarding the..

‘Silo Mentality’ !

The bureaucracy understands the Prime Minister well, and is willing to go full distance. Despite this, however, there is a difficulty -- it is still looking at how the political leadership conducts itself. Its view appears simple: Set the right examp..

E-Cars Are Good, But

The move of the Government to use e-cars is welcome. But this is tinkering with the problem. Moreover, this puts the burden on the hapless poor people while providing relief to the urban people. It is iniquitous. The Government must work out a stra..

Grandeur and glamour of LIT hill

  From the roads and lanes and playgrounds in Ram Nagar and Gokulpeth where we grew up askids 58-plus years ago, the clock-tower of the Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) looked very tall and high -- physically and metaphysically. Each tim..

Keep walking

By Vijay Phanshikar,       Aaste Bhag Aasinasyordhwasthithati Tishthatah/Shete Nipadyamanasya Charati Charato Bhagascharaiveti// - Aitareya Brahman.(He who keeps sitting has his fortune stalled. He who stands up has his fortune, to..

Guideline For Quashing FIRs

The case involves allegations of extortion, forgery, and fabrication of documents, utilisation of fabricated documents to effectuate transfers of titles before the registering authorities and the deprivation of the complainant of his interest in la..

Water Management

Water is a necessary right of the people. Life cannot be sustained without water. Climatic vagaries have led to erratic monsoon rains, while the volume of rain also wanes. Our irrigation network is not widespread and storage facilities inadequate, which..

‘Nobody pushed us to start reading other books’

      IT WAS a young group -- about 11-12 college students, boys and girls in their late teens -- that was poring over books, moving around the open stacks in the book store, consulting one another in hushed tones, and eventually picki..

Godhra Bogie!

Why should our judiciary be reluctant to award death sentence? This question is going to dominate our legal discourse in future, no matter what some so-called liberalists may be thinking.   By R.K. Misra Gandhinagar, October 9: The Gujarat High Cou..

Gold Prices & Economy

By RAMESH KANITKAR   Gold is just money -- has always been money -- and if I may add, will always be money. Currencies are just money substitutes that derive their value because of backing by money. Indeed, currencies gained widespread acceptance n..

Adopt Luni-Solar Calendar

The moon has a huge impact on the minds of human beings and the behaviour of plants and animals. The lunar calendar, therefore, is more “productive” for the people.But it is less productive for the Government which finds it difficult to matc..

Changing face of newsroom

  That morning of October 31, 1984, came with a dirty news which nobody in the world would love to hear. In her own residential premises, by her own security guards, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot at, by pumping into her frail body as ..

Transparency in Judiciary

By Indranil Banerjea, Many a time, anarchy takes the shape of arbitrariness and, in the process; fairness and objectivity become the first causalities. Sometimes, judges with integrity are sidelined, ignored or even made to quit. Judicial appointments ar..

Clarity On Cleanliness

By ADITI SINGH, Given India’s phenomenal economic growth in recent times, it is difficult to understand why such high rates of open defecation still exist. In order to address this gap in information, we need to test the linkages between OD and its..

Company of the Eternal

    By Vijay Phanshikar, “I am alone, but I am never lonely.” - Helen Gibson THIS is a very common statement that we hear often in our daily conversations. Smart words, of course, we admit and even admire. They are simple as we..

EU’s Anti-Democratic Slide

It is symptomatic of processes across Europe. For two years, there has been rhetoric from Brussels about the anti-democratic outrages of the right-wing governments in Poland and Hungary. The implication was that this was an Eastern European problem. ..

A Turnaround Needed

Railways is such a gargantuan organisation that unless there is a very strong system of checks and balances with very efficient, honest and strict officers at the helm, it is easy to lose control of the giant functioning and let laxity and corruption ma..

Of educated unemployed young people

The young man is an engineering graduate. He did get a job through campus placement in a reasonably good company. But before he realised, he lost the job just in a few months. The HR Manager of the company told him that he was not good enough to fulfill..


When one nation of the region is constantly sending out terror squads into neighbouring countries, there is little possibility of any camaraderie among the members. This is Pakistan’s actual plan -- thwart any internationalism. Time and again, SAA..

Healing With Ayurveda

The key implication of the laureates’ work is that misalignment with the rhythm can cause health issues. It is fascinating to note how Ayurvedic texts address such misalignments caused by dissonance in a systematic manner and prescribe numerous..

Of the liver and the watcher

      Vijay Phanshikar, ‘It is something in which we must train our youngsters’, he would insist. And unfailingly, editors spurned. They refused to give even a scant thought to a possibility that journalism was a craft tha..

A New Future For Jobs

The urgent need is to rejig our education system. We must make the knowledge of English, another foreign language and computers compulsory at the Secondary School level. Also we must push emotion-heavy subjects like painting, music, psychology, and sociol..

Healthcare Scenario

Healthcare Scenario..

Tone Up Banking Sector

By Ramesh Kanitkar The Government must give more to the strongest, less to the marginal cases, and nothing to those who can’t survive. Fairness is not a virtue when we are talking of making Indian banking healthy. Those that deserve to die need&nbs..

In the name of God...!

By Vijay Phanshikar, “If, then, I were asked for the most important advice I could give, that which I considered to be the most useful to the men of our century, I should simply say: In the name of God, stop a moment, cease your work, look around..

Setback For Trinamool

By Ashis Biswas, Mukul Roy’s walk-out will certainly pose problems for his former colleagues, especially Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in the days ahead. For the weak Opposition in West Bengal, Roy’s parting of ways with the TMC is certainly..

Need To Amend RERA

                        The Government must make two amendments to RERA. One, the burden of compliance on the medium builders must be reduced along the lines of the Factories A..

Birth of a new child in me

As we completed one full round of the crowded place, darkness fell and every nook and corner lit up with countless hundreds of electric lights of all shapes and sizes and exuding all sorts of colour shades -- yellow, white, red, blue, green. When we had..

Rohingya Influx

Terrorism is a big issue and India has suffered the worst consequences of terrorism as much as she has faced the issue of refugee influx in the past. She cannot take chances. Presence of Rohingya refugees gives Lashkar-e-Toiba a chance to recruit men f..

Idol-worship, the worst enemy of sports

TheRE used to be an old Sports Instructor in our school more than fifty-five years ago. He was a straight-forward, simple person totally dedicated to promoting sports among children. He played many games very well, and had won medals when he was young. ..


    It is necessary to harp here that our old masters had a reasonable solution to this problem -- of appropriate technology. That thought centered on one point: Never allow technology to replace human contribution, never allow excessive aut..

The Future Of Biodiesel

ECONOMIC ISSUES The step to give boost to biodiesel is to invest in research on the conversion of the stems of the plant into fuel. Presently manufacturers use only the seeds of Jatropa to produce biodiesel. Large amounts of cellulosic materials are avai..

Of justice to Temple of Justice

    Vijay Phanshikar, When Justice V.S. Tuljapurkar stood to give his address at the inauguration of the brand new building of Nyay Mandir in 1978, his face shone in morning’s radiance. In what could be termed as one of the fines..

Economic Dichotomy

By RAMESH KANITKAR, While it is true that much of the current high pump prices of petrol and diesel are accounted for by taxes, this is one case where high taxes are warranted. Here are 10 reasons why one says so. India’s demand for petro-good..

Findings Of Fact

According to the Supreme Court, it was not appropriate for the HC to embark upon the task of re-appreciation of evidence in the second appeal and disturb the concurrent findings of the court below, which are the fact-finding courts. IN THE judgeme..

Why everybody seems to be out on the street? -II

THAT everybody seems to be out on the street all the time, is certainly a scary spectacle. When we set out to find reasons, we may come across several factors that have led to this social situation. The sum and substance of all those may be that the atm..


India’s public discourse can raise itself to great intellectual and spiritual height. Once upon a time, it dwelled at that level. It was first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who had praised the young Member of Parliament Mr. Atal Behari Va..

Battlelines Drawn In Brazil

Those people who were with Brazilian Workers Party (PT) in the Lula years but were misled by the media and right wing propaganda against Dilma Rousseff in 2015 and 2016, are back now to the Lula camp. That has galvanised the anti-Temer movement. The right..

The serene Bhunda Temple

    Vijay Phanshikar Even more than sixty years ago, Sitabuldi was known as a crowded area, may be proportionate to the city’s population and its commerce then. People were always milling around, almost always in a rush to go somewher..

The Challenge Of Ganga

              There is a need for Mr. Gadkari to rethink on the projects of hydropower, irrigation and navigation being promoted by the NDA Government on the Ganga otherwise these will undo his efforts to clean ..

Improving Railways

By R. N. Malhotra The merit of pairing a locomotive in order to provide one at each end of the train is now an operational and safety imperative and the only decision directly impacting actual train running and relieving the stress on lines. While the I..

Of a journey without fear

  By Vijay Phanshikar, “From dreams awake, from bonds be free,Be not afraid. This mystery,My shadow cannot frighten me,Know once for all that I am He.” - Swami Vivekananda THIS assertion! -- “I am He” -- is a universal spi..

Works Contract

The view taken by the High Court, in the opinion of the Apex-Court , is just and proper and a possible view. The Apex-Court found force in the argument of the respondents (defendants) that the Trial Court misled itself in misreading the pleading an..

Words Of Sanity

The better we are equipped to adjust to different facets of life, better we are suited to organise our lives and usher in peace and happiness in society. For this, we also need to downplay the artificial divisions of caste, creed, language, and religion t..

Why everybody seems to be out on the street?

THE spectacle is scary. Everybody seems to be out on the street all the time. Very few seem to have time to be spent in the house, at home. In morning, people are out to the park then to the market and then to the bank or to the doctor. During the day, ..


It must be appreciated that the Modi Government is not backtracking on the issue. It is firm on action and the leadership is not bothered about the threats issued from time to time by the likes of Muhammad Yasin Malik. Now that the war on terror is assu..

Sri Lankans Wary Of China

Going around the island one comes to acquire the impression that the paradigm and matrix for the development are not well defined. It needs deeper understanding and analysis of the ground level realities. The government has to exploit the natural resour..

Of the missing ‘horse’ sense

    Vijay Phanshikar, What was most exhilarating in that place was that ‘your’ horse would almost stand on his hinds when he saw you. Most people went to the Horse Riding Club -- a couple of hundred meters from the main gat..

Support Import Substitution

Prime Minister Modi should be congratulated for pushing the correct policy of import substitution that had been wrongly abandoned by Manmohan Singh. He must immediately commission a credible study of gains and losses from the WTO. We must come out of the ..

Border Management

By Brig. (Retd) S. N. Sachadeva, The challenge of coping with long-standing territorial and boundary disputes with China and Pak, combined with porous borders along some of the most difficult terrains in the world, has made extremely effective and e..

Replace PDS With Cash

It is no surprise that the Government is able to save thousands of crores of public money by moving from transfers in kind to cash transfers and at the same time purging bogus beneficiaries from the system as it has done with the LPG subsidy by crediting ..

Matter of ‘moments’

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Lamhe urte hain kabhi ya to titlion ke tarahYa kabhi khushbuon ki manind cheekh uthte hainSimat’te-phailte sanche mein waqt ke dhal karAjeeb shakl ke ban kar ‘Zamana’ rakhte hain na’mZamana?Lamhe -..

Self-styled Godmen

  “India has a long tradition of self-styled spiritual and religious gurus duping people in the name of guidance and spiritual uplift. From Chandraswamy to Ram Rahim, all have been embroiled in controversies, yet people continue to flock to ..

Careers in Defence attracting youngsters again

The sense of happiness was more than obvious. The family was radiating happiness and a deep sense of achievement. For, the efforts of the young son had proved fruitful, and he was all set to join the Armed Forces. In the next few days, he would be gone ..

Wail Of A Client State II

 It is only futile to expect Pakistan to act tough on terror groups that have found a safe haven in that country. Yet, the US seems to have no alternative but to keep some aid-pipeline alive so that it would have some check on the absolutely waywar..

China’s Influence On Lanka

By ARUN SRIVASTAVA After Mithripala Sirisena came to power in January 2015 promising to loosen ties with China after a decade of hefty funding by Beijing under his predecessor, Modi visited the island and promised to “script a golden chapter in the..


The National Weather Service, the Environmental Protection Administration, scientists, elected officials and citizen activists have been warning for years that global warming would eventually translate into an epic disaster for the city of Houston. Despit..

When King Mahendra did not come

  Vijay Phanshikar Ultimately, His Highness King Mahendra of Nepal did not come. It was a huge disappointment to all those thousands of people who had gathered to see him and listen to him – at the Reshimbagh Ground where the King had been ..

Debate Talaq

It is a shame that a secular democratic country has been living with a practice like triple talaq fearing the annoyance of the community. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi bungled by bringing in legislation to ensure a stipend for Muslim widows. In the s..

Leakages In Welfare Plans

By RAMESH KANITKAR If the Government wishes to move towards the goal of providing UBI or an Indian version of it, it must first lay down a robust infrastructure on which this new social security system of future can stand on without dangling. Incremental..

Of one’s unrevealed world

  The human heart has hidden treasures,In secret, in silence sealed;The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,Whose charms were broken when revealed From ‘Evening Solace’By Charlotte Bronte These four lines tell us what is..

SC Critical Of ‘Misadventures’

It is, the very essence of the concept of temporary injunction and receivership during pendency of a civil litigation involving any property to prevent its threatened wastage, damage and alienation by any party thereto, to the immeasurable prejudice to ..

Lokmanya Tilak and ‘his’ Ganesh Festival

Even as Ganesh festival gets going in its current form – of shockingly loud music, loud demonstration of an almost mock religious fervour, garish decorations around the Lord’s idols – one’s mind darts back to times when Lokmanya ..