By BARUN DAS GUPTA CHINA is clearly outmaneuvering India in the diplomatic war to win over India’s neighbours. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made several visits to China, apparently to keep Beijing in good humour, reduce tension between th..

Deal With Competitiveness

                  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala AMERICAN megastore Walmart is engaged in bitter battle with American mega e-retailer Amazon. The battle between the two giants underscores the changing..

Of the good, old World Wide Web

    Vijay Phanshikar,   Those were the days when letters brought with them lots of news about relatives, friends, neighbours -- good news and bad news, and with it came a lot of emotions that tugged at our inner beings like nothing el..

Trump Backs Russia

By ARUN  SRIVASTAVA   THE sudden shift in President Donald Trump’s stand on Russia and calling on the world’s leading economies to reinstate Russia to the Group of 7 nations four years after it was cast out for annexing Crimea is ..

Indo-Iran Ties

By K R SUDHAMAN INDIA-IRAN ties have become challenging yet again after the recent US sanctions against Tehran following the unilateral pull-out of Washington from Iran Nuclear deal. But this has thrown a new opportunity to get into shipping services in ..

Fundamental Breach 

                   CURRENT TRENDS IN LAW The insurer’s plea states that vehicle in question had no permit. It does not require the wisdom of the ‘Tripataka’, that it is a matt..

A Diplomatic Triumph

“The Kim-Trump meet will remain a historic exercise and the attempt of the two leaders to make a truce and come down to a solution from their high seats of arrogance and recalcitrance is praiseworthy.” Nuclear disarmament is the buzzword toda..

SCO entry to help boost India-China trade ties

  By Subrata Majumder, The recent Sino-US trade war may turn out to be boon to enhance business relations between India and China. It has enlarged the scope for India to export more products, such as cotton, soybean meal and maize, according to I..

A matter of choice by youngster

        l Meeting the youngster was a pleasant experience by any standard. As I entered the front room of the house, the head of the family called his young son to say ‘hello’. The boy came,  very neatly dressed..


The Hitavada Chandrapur Bureau Chandrapur, June 13: Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday, “There are many talented farmers who have potential to change the country’s fortunes, but they lack Government support. The Government wa..

The Korean Summit

By C.J. ATKINS North Koreans know well the costs of war. At the time, the U.S. military estimated that it had killed up to 20 per cent of the North’s population in its bombardment campaigns during the 1950-53 war. Here, family members visit the gra..

Himalayan Trade Route

By Dawa Tshering The Belt and Road Initiative may have many shortcomings, but if adopted intelligently, can usher in a new age of economic prosperity in Eastern India. China has a huge East-West spread and its western part, the Tibet Autonomous Region, w..

All for traffic sense -- in kids!

  When it was first thought of, Traffic Park in Nagpur was truly a novel idea. Kids would learn traffic rules there as there would be proper traffic signals, proper intersections and proper roads on which the kids would ride their bicycles or..

Apolitical Bureaucrats

By V.Y. KANTAK THE proposal of the Union Government to finalise cadres of successful candidates of the Combined Civil Services after the training has invited the wrath of serving and retired bureaucrats. They feel that an impartial selection process is b..

Of a monk’s calm

    By Vijay Phanshikar, “...When I lift my gun and bring it to bear on the target ... . Is my line smooth? Is it clean? Am I shifting? ...You can’t smell sweat in this clinical room, but I promise it is there. ... On competit..

Quality Of Medical Education

                By Adv. R.S. Agrawal According to the court, fixing minimum standards which have to be fulfilled for the purpose of enabling medical college to seek fresh inspection would not be contrary ..

Renewable Energy

                    Power is something that will see a constantly rising demand due to growing industry and infrastructure need apart from the requirements and aspirations of a growing pop..

The Mukherjee Episode - II

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, on Thursday, expressed his disapproval of former President Pranab Mukherjee visiting the RSS headquarters, and said, he did not expect this from him.  - PTI “We have often invited persons representing diff..

NATO Enters Latin America

By W T WHITNEY JR. ON MAY 25, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos made an announcement that Colombia has joined North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). He mentioned too that Colombia was joining the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Develop..

Unfolding of an industrial story

  In those days, it was a dream place, in the sense it represented the dream of the Government as well as of people -- the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation -- MIDC -- Industrial Estate on Hingna Road. Soon after Maharashtra State was..

New Era Of Indo-China Ties

By Ram Madhav INDIA and China are two great and ancient civilisations. They have shared millennia-old relations at civilisational level as well as socio-economic level. Post-independence, India had established political and diplomatic relations with the ..

Second Nipah Outbreak

By ADITYA AAMIR IN NIPAH-SPOOKED Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala, the State has asked for desperate measures to handle an expected second wave of infections. Already 17 of the 20 ‘Nipah infected,’ who were hospitalised, are dead...

Metaphor of a lone marcher

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Tu na thakega kabhi,Tu na rukega kabhi,Tu na mudega kabhi,Kar shapath, kar shapath, kar shapathAgnipath Agnipath Agnipath(You will not fatigue ever, You will not stop ever, You will not divert ever, Swear now, swear now, sw..

Prosecution For Perjury

                    IN THE judgement of the case - Professor Chintamani Malviya vs High Court of Madhya Pradesh, delivered by Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Uday Umesh Lalit on April 27, 2018,..

Shun Terrorism

                    Pakistan should come clean on its course of action and show the seriousness in taming terrorism if it really wants to embark upon a constructive journey.” The di..

If only we say ‘no’ to senseless chase of wrong careers

            l The whole family was in a tizzy for four full years. That phase began the moment their son entered 9th Standard. The parents went into a high emotional gear and admitted the son in a tuition class that r..


Former President Pranab Mukherjee will grace the valedictory function of the 3rd Year Officers’ Training Camp (OTC) of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in Nagpur on June 7.  THIS news item saw many politically-oriented persons in the co..

Desh Polls Crucial

By BARUN DAS GUPTA   GENERAL elections in Bangladesh will be held by the end of this year. The constitutional requirement is that the elections be held between October 31, 2018, and January 28, 2019. This time, the elections will be held in conditi..

Problem Of Inequality

                  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE Modi Government has implemented the welfare programmes like providing free gas cylinders under Ujjwala scheme to poor persons. Such efforts are mos..

PCA Hurts Small Debtors

By Nantoo Banerjee The question is: will Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) truly help these banks recover financially within a stipulated period? Or, will it drive small and medium sector borrowers to expensive private lenders? Some may have to put even the..

India, A Major Economy

By ARUN JAITLEY THE NDA Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed four years in office. It enters its fifth year in office. The preceding ten years of the UPA rule had unquestionably witnessed the most corrupt Government since Independ..

Ruling On Second Appeals

Ruling On Second Appeals..

Tribals still unsafe in the wild

  By Anshuman Bhargava, Most of the tribal faces, no matter how talented they are, still don’t get a fair opportunity to make it big on the national scene. Nor their path of struggle is any easy. Over seven decades after Independence they a..

Medicinal farming can transform MP

  By Ashish Rajput, Upsurge in domestic and industrial demand of medicinal plants has brought an opportunity for farmers to double their agricultural income. Madhya Pradesh has abundance of herbs and potential of medicinal farming. Some of the ra..

These funny youngsters who refuse to think-IV

        l While descending on a flight of stairs, a young man in his early twenties developed a sprain in his right ankle. He could not walk even a few steps to reach a chair and sit down for a while. The doctor advised him rest ..

Diverse Potentials

                    Every child comes with a unique genetic coding and it is that uniqueness that needs to be celebrated and nurtured. It is futile and regressive to shoehorn a different m..


New Delhi, May 24 (PTI): Lauding the goals set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for cleaning the Ganga, Dutch Premier Mark Rutte, on Thursday, said, worldwide there was a need to value water, not only as an economic asset, but also for its social, cultur..

Horrid Military Commerce

By Harjeet Singh THE recent killing of six policemen betrayed the nadir of ‘Ramzan Jihad’ in the Kashmir Valley. Their cardinal sin being that they in their line of duty to protect the nation and its citizens, as part of security forces opera..

Rupee Is In For Trouble

                 By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE Rupee has been sliding lately. The price of the Rupee was hovering around Rs. 64 to a US Dollar for the last few years. Recently, it has slid to Rs. 67..

Of a sports dream gone sour

    The wave of happiness that swept the city’s sporting community was palpable. For, the Maharashtra Government had allotted three large plots of land along Amravati Road for sporting activity. It had given grounds for sporting bodies..

Solid Russian Defence Ties

By K R Sudhaman COUNTERING America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), a new law in the United States’ armoury, if implemented by Trump Administration could have disastrous consequences to India’s security. The law provides f..

Anti-Trump Forces Unite

By Nitya Chakraborty THE midterm elections in the United States of America, scheduled for November this year, have assumed crucial importance as the Left wing of the Democratic Party led by Bernie Sanders, has launched a massive campaign in a planned man..

Anticipatory Bail

                    Anticipatory bail is granted in anticipation of arrest in non-bailable cases, but that does not mean that regular court, which is to try the offender, is sought to be bypass..

Fast Verdict

                    Most criminals today bask in the belief that even if they are caught, their case would go on endlessly and any outcome was unlikely. Swift judgement ensures immediate punish..

These funny youngsters who refuse to think-III

          IN THE pre-dawn hour around 4:45 on Thursday, May 17, 2018, those five-six boys and girls near a street corner in a posh Nagpur locality presented a rather odd sight. So, returning from a full-night work in the ne..

Politics Sans Dynasty

New Delhi, Mat 17 (PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asserted that dynasty politics had ‘ended’ and voters were rewarding hardworking leaders, as he set the tone for 2019 Lok Sabha elections, saying that it was not the time to loo..

How important museums are

  By Leena Zilpe, Museums are repositories of historic, artistic and cultural resources which provide knowledge to students, researchers and entertainment to general public thereby help in developing a better society. Museums play a very importan..

AnSI museum displays tribal culture in Central India

  By Rajendra Diwe, Museum of Central Regional Centre Anthropological Survey of India (AnSI) situated on Seminary Hills is unique of its kind. The museum is one of the best three museums of AnSI across the country. The museum is dedicated to the ..

‘Blue Print of Life: A novel addition to AnSI museum’

    By Rajendra Diwe, A special section on DNA in AnSI museum makes one to reveal, “The destiny of each man is not written by the Gods on his forehead, but written up chemically in the genes of his body in a string of three letter wor..

Doomed Dynasty

By Kedar Nath Pandey THEY say it’s darkest before the dawn, when night surrenders to the sunlight breaking through to a new day. When the Indian National Congress (INC) suffered an emphatic defeat in 2014, winning only 44 of the 543 seats in Lok Sa..

Creative passion drives Diwekar to preserve, share part of history

  By Nandu Andhare, “I have been bitten by the hobby bug while I was investing precious time in the university Hobby Workshop. My interest in creative material took wings here and, I am pursuing till this day” reiterated Kishore Diwek..

Abrogate Indus Treaty

                   By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE Preamble of the Indus Water Treaty says that the Governments of India and Pakistan have entered into the Treaty to attain satisfactory utilisat..

What Will Be Fate Of AI?

By Nantoo Banerjee IN JUST another three to four months’ time, the fate of India’s long preserved pride, Air India, the national carrier and ‘Maharaja’ of the sky, may be finally decided. Who’ll be the ultimate owner of the ..

India-Pak Track II Talks

OUT of the blues came news reports that the Government has agreed to revive the Track II diplomacy process with Pakistan despite its apparent aversion to ‘conventional’ talks with the neighbouring country. Was the ‘conventional’ bi..

Of a search within

  By Vijay Phanshikar, To the real Jonathan Seagull,who lives within us all.- Dedication of the book ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull - a story’, The Complete Edition, including the rediscovered Part Fourby Richard Bach,(Thorsons Classics..

Just Another Common Man

                   IN ITS very forthright judgement delivered on May 7, 2018, in the case - Lok Prahari through its General Secretary v. The State of Uttar Pradesh and others, Justice Ranjan Gog..

Abandoned by children how old parents survive?

  By Anshuman Bhargava, t is a growingly normal trend in modern urban societies to go for nuclear families and keep the old parents out of the exclusive ‘me time’ and the fiercely guarded family space. The physical and mental woes and..

Decimation Of Forest

                    The major forest destruction comes from industries, dams, urban expansion and mining exercises. These infrastructure inroads damage large swathes in bulk which is hard to be..

These funny youngsters who refuse to think - II

        THE response to the last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’ was beyond imagination. As it highlighted the funny (?) method and manner of youngsters who refuse to think rationally and logically, countless scores of p..


 “I may become Prime Minister after 2019 Lok Sabha elections.” - Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhiduring election campaign in Karnataka OF COURSE, low aim is a crime. Going by that wisdom, Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi is cer..

Cure Ailing Banking Sector

By K. R. Sudhaman A HUMONGOUS problem that is being brushed under the carpet in India is the grave sickness in the banking industry, particularly the public sector banks. In fact, the banking scam is far bigger and widespread than coal scam or 2G spectru..

Global Services Initiative

                  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE first direct train from China to England reached London recently. It travelled 12,000 kilometers carrying a cargo of garments and other manufactured ..

Of the glory of Tiger’s Gap

    Only rarely had Nagpur seen such a pitched battle between the Police and the illegal occupants of a place. But about ten years ago, the city’s famed Tiger’s Gap ground witnessed such a conflict. When the civic authorities sen..

J&K Needs Common Cause

By Harjeet SinghFIVE militants and five civilians including an assistant professor of sociology of Kashmir University who had joined militancy on the same day were gunned down by security forces. The sustained and incisive counter-terrorist operations con..

Free Trade Pacts Perilous?

By NANTOO BANERJEE, China is already India’s second biggest trade partner, after the United States, with a difference. With the US, India runs its only double-digit trade surplus. On the contrary, India runs the biggest trade deficit with China &md..

Of the potential swan within

  By Vijay Phanshikar,         Eka talyaat hoti badake pile surekhHote kurup wede pillu tayaant ek(Beautiful in a pond there were a few ducklings Among them, however, there was an ugly underling) Koni na tyaas ghei khel..

These funny youngsters who refuse to think

          l Without doubt, he was a smart boy. Only recently he had found a good job for himself, in a reputed company. The job needed certain training, which he was getting on job from his experienced and good-hearted seni..


“No more Doka Las: Modi, Xi to armies- Newspaper headline following the Wuhan summit  of the two leaders  THAT both, India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and China’s President Mr. Xi Jinping, decided to avoid any Doka La..

Welcome High Oil Price

                  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE price of crude oil has increased from US Dollars 48 per barrel in April 2017 to US Dollars 68 presently. The US economy is on the upswing. That is pu..

That cute little place...!

  Looking at the very modern edifice of the Ajni Railway Station today, it would not be possible for any youngster to imagine how the place looked, say, fifty years ago. Even though it is a small place, the Ajni Railway Station’s new lo..


IT’S sheer arrogance.True,Chief Justice Dipak Misra denied permission to All ahabad High Court judge Nayaran Shukla to prosecute a Lucknow-based Prasad Education Trust, which runs a medical college. But this is not such a violation of law which shou..

Psychology Of Crime

By GYAN PATHAK PSYCHOLOGY of crime in India has been changing at a very fast pace outsmarting our overall crime control strategy. The strategy we adopt always becomes outdated in the changed situations in the society. The Government and its agencies resp..

Of return to the untried

  By Vijay Phanshikar,       Paths often diverge When you walk into the woodsInviting return - A haiku by Mairi Neil Yes, paths do diverge -- often! Don’t they?As one starts taking baby steps when one is a toddler, th..

National Litigation Policy

                IN THE judgement of the case – Union of India & Others v. Prithwi Singh & Others, delivered on April 24, 2018, Justice Madan B. Lokur and Justice Deepak Gupta, at the Supreme ..

Forest Cover Rises

                      The total carbon stock in forests was estimated at 7,082 million tonnes, showing an increase of 38 million tonnes over the last assessment in 2015. Thus, there is pl..


BY SUBRATA MAJUMDER A PERPETUAL border settlement between India and China is untenable. Then, why not use economic engagement to soothe the relation. Against the backdrop of US trade war against China, Prime Minister Modi’s reciprocation to Beijing..

Save Forests Save Water

By Jyotshna Pandit MANY rivers originate in the Western Ghats and Central Indian forests and are lifelines for millions of people. Rivers originating in the Himalayas are fed by the melting snow during the summer months, whereas those originating in the ..


                    By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala THE Government wants to raise income of the farmers in five years. Towards this objective, it is proposed to increase the Minimum Support Price (..

A Shot In The Dark

                    THE Pakistan Supreme Court’s verdict to debar former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding any public office for life is too harsh a punishment and mired in controv..


                    Revoking of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act in all its entirety from Meghalaya and in some parts from Arunachal Pradesh, signifies that the insurgency has been reduced..

Pashtun Ire Engulfs Pak

By SANKAR RAY THE Western Pakistan is astir more vociferously than ever in the current millennium with the steady advance of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) - Movement for the Protection of Pashtuns - that seeks solutions related to Pashtun question i..


IN the judgement of the case - Union Public Service Commission v. M. Sathiya Priya delivered at the Supreme Court on April 13, 2018, Justice Mohan M. Shantanagouder and Justice Navin Sinha, have observed that in the Court’s considered opinion, whe..

A celebration of books and their creators

          WHEN the world celebrates the World Book Day tomorrow, that is April 23, it will not just celebrate books. It will celebrate authors, writers, poets, the people who make books possible, those ancient people who fi..

Cause Of Concern

                        China is itching to expand its reach and influence because to sustain its exploding population and ensure economic stability in the long run, it needs n..

Opposition’s Cardinal Sin

 London, April 18 (Agencies): The whole world was his stage. And from the vantage point of Central Hall at London’s Westminster, Prime Minister Narendra Modi picked up every moment to let the global Indian community know what type of a person..

May Caught In War Vortex

By ARUN SRIVASTAVA THE allied attack on Syria was perceived to secure the political future of British Prime Minister Theresa May and boost nationalistic pride, but the results of the first opinion poll reveal that she was wrong to order strikes by the Ro..

Regulator Must For PSBs

IN THE mostly washed-out post-budget session of Parliament, a revealing reply was provided on the well-meant Asset Quality Review (AQR) initiative of the former RBI Governor and celebrated economist Raghuram G Rajan on a query on the record write-off of n..

Of a ‘monster’ on way out

    When the ugly structure was not there, things were a bit congested, a bit awkward, even a bit backward. Then a smart alec among politicians and another smart alec among bureaucrats came together to think of that ugly structure. The momen..

Of poetry and persimmons

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Consider meas one who loved poetryand persimmons. - A haiku by Masaoka Shiki POETRY! Persimmons!! What a connection?! How can those be compared?!Does not seem to make sense! -- I must say. Yet, this haiku asserts:Consider..

Clean Electoral Funding

By RAMESH  KANITKAR AN investigation has revealed that the much-hailed electoral bonds, which were meant to usher in an era of taint-free financing for political parties, carry a secret number “visible on the top-right corner of the original ..

Seniority Has No Bearing

Seniority Has No Bearing..

Why are we killing our language? - II

          ViSITING a village some time ago to meet a farmer friend was a very revealing experience. We were together in college, after which he went back to his village to work on his family farm and I joined the urban purs..


  Such a fakeness would not last long in public domain. It is becoming more and more obvious that the Opposition has become desperate to malign the image of the Modi Government. When the people have understood the political intent of the Oppositio..

US Military Bases

ByCAMERON ORR U.S. PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s new discretionary budget will shovel 61 per cent of the country’s social oxygen into the Pentagon’s fiery furnace. That’s $727 billion worth of schools, libraries, green jobs and infrast..

Robot Tax

Robot Tax..

Victim Of Lok Sabha Logjam

By Nantoo Banerjee IT IS a matter of great concern that the country’s apex legislature, Parliament of India, is finding it increasingly difficult to legislate, if one goes by the outcome of the second part of the less-than-five-week-long budget ses..

Pak Annexed Balochistan

By FAZAL MEHMOOD THE leader of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) has issued statements in serious breach of the Baloch nationalist narrative and presented the world at large with an inaccurate understanding of Baloch history. Balochistan had been a loose..

Forever spring evening

  By Vijay Phanshikar Lighting one candlewith another candle --spring evening. - A haiku by Yosa Buson ThIS thought is as ancient as human civilisation. Humans have often lighted one candle with another. They have often sought light from others..

Curbs On Court Reporting

                    AN inter-professional gathering of lawyers and Media professionals was held in Cochin on March 31to discuss the topic - “Media, courts and fair trial guarantee” ..

Antibiotic Misuse

                      In a vast country like India where the majority of the population is non-vegetarian and heavily feeds on chicken and poultry, the problem takes ominous proportions a..