Asma, A Votary Of Peace

By KULDIP NAYAR ASMA Jehangir, who has kicked the bucket last week, was a popular human rights lawyer and social activist. Although her work was confined to Pakistan, her example was followed throughout the subcontinent. The place from where she announce..

Unfounded Allegations

THE National Democratic Alliance’s (NDA) silence on possibly one of the biggest defence deals has somehow led the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to believe they have something to hide. A massive purchase of 36 Rafale fighter jets, a 7.88 billion ..

Of power of thought

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Ulluvathellam yuarvullal matratuTallinum tellamai nirttut (Think of rising higher. Let it be your only thought. Even if your object be not attained, the thought itself will have raised you.) - A kural from ‘Thirukur..

Subsidy For Mulitplexes

IN THE judgement of the case - Commissioner of Income Tax-I, Kolhapur v. M/s Chaphalkar Brothers, Pune, delivered on December 7, 2017, Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman and Justice Navin Sinha, at the Supreme Court, have affirmed the Bombay High Court’s..

Whose priority should sustain-elders’ or kids’? - 2

  THE large number of calls in response to last week’s ‘Loud Thinking’ was rather perplexing, in the sense one could not anticipate that the issue could be raging in so many homes: the invasion of television on families! Most cal..


Peace is in peril and the chances of global peace are only diminishing with the rise of these usurping powers. Their activities are getting more intense and spread more rapid with the silence of the state players. The landing of atomic weapons in the w..

Kashmir’s Ugly Reality - 2

“You may call me names, but I suggest that we should talk to Pakistan to find a solution on militancy in Kashmir. War is no option”. - Ms. Mehbooba Mufti,Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir THERE is no doubt that war is no option to sort out ..

Pakistan’s Assault Paradigm

SINCE 2015, the militants have increasingly taken to high-profile Fidayeen attacks against the security forces. Heavily-armed terrorists wearing combat uniforms attacked an army base in the heart of Jammu early on February 10 morning. The terrorists had m..

Beware Of Globalisation

The Finance Minister is not able to either reject or adopt globalization. He will fall trying to do both. The Finance Minister has imposed higher import duties on mobile phones and a few other items in his quest to provide protection to domestic manufactu..

The bungalow that breathes politics

Vijay Phanshikar, By no standard can the sprawling bungalow be associated with the aura of immense political power that is associated with the position of Maharashtra’s Chief Minister. The modest main gate to the estate, too, does not make any ph..

Saboteurs At Work

TWO more policemen died in the valley. This is not the first time that there is a casualty in Kashmir. But the disconcerting aspect is that killings are taking place at regular intervals. New Delhi has not been able to quell violence. That at least two m..


CLIPPING LALU’S WINGSTHERE is a lesson for bureaucratsfrom the exemplaryhonest life a civil servantcan lead despite politicalpressure and risk to life.Corruption can be eliminated if a topcivil servant doesn’t succumb to pressureto toe the lin..

‘Mahashivratri is the most significant of all festivals’

  By Bk Madhuri Didi, Life today has become very challenging and stressful. More than ever before people are insecure and anxious about their future. As humans struggle to find solution to the mounting problems, it is evident that we need a highe..

Effect Of Under-Insurance

                      The only legal issue which arose for consideration in this case was “What is under-insurance and the effect thereof? Under–insurance basically means..


Millions of street children are subject to daily physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Thousands of kids are recruited perforce by terrorist outfits. This is apart from the huge population of children of migrant labourers and other migrant classes who l..

Whose priority should sustain -- elders’ or kids’?

THERE is a serious social issue calling for attention. Having known what is being dished out on commercial television day in and day out, many families are beginning to turn away from the habit of watching TV for hours on end. In countless families acro..

Rafale Deal: Best Bargain

By ANIRUDH PRAKASH,   The new deal is far more expensive compared with the previous bid. It is quite ridiculous to compare the two deals. Further, it is an accepted fact that major defence deals are an instrument of a nation’s foreign po..

The palace in democracy

Vijay Phanshikar,     The sprawling bungalow’s grandeur speaks for itself! Its red walls lined by white hems, its regal porches, its huge expanse of tiled roof, the very clean surroundings, the sprawling and well-manicured lawn i..

Budget, A Mixed Bag

                  The fact that farmers continue to be in distress despite getting 1.2 times the cost of production means that the cost of production is not calculated correctly. Paying 1.5 time..

Achieve Ayushman Bharat

By JYOTSHNA PANDIT,   Ayushman Bharat promises a country where no citizen will be sucked into poverty due to a high out of pocket (OOP) expenditure on health. Despite substantial investment in health systems under the National Health Mission, ..

Of an emotional osmosis

  By Vijay Phanshikar,         Chukali disha tarihee hukale na shreya saare;Wedya mushafiralaa sameel sarva tare.(Miss if you the right direction, not much is lost;For a wayward traveller, all stars are accomplices.) Me..

Trump-FBI War

By RICK NAGIN, In today’s situation, a Government led by Democrats would certainly be preferable to the Trump-Republican regime, but no one should have illusions that it would fully meet the urgent demands of millions demonstrating throughout ..

Fitness For Post

                    The apex court holds that acquittal in any case automatically does not entitle the candidates for appointment to the post of Constable in Chandigarh Police. IN THE jud..


It is Pakistan’s own policy of appeasing and promoting terror groups and terror masterminds that has come back stinging it with an unstoppable force and intensity. Pakistan is not only growingly getting isolated in world affairs due to its bloody..

A Khichdi mismatch

IT WAS time for celestial conference again. The participants included representatives of all living beings and elements. The conference was chaired by the Tridevs, Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer. The participants were ent..

Impetus To Rural Economy

By K R Sudhaman, Significant measure in the Budget is the impetus provided to the rural economy and address farm distress, which would be a force multiplier for overall growth expected to surge toward 8 per cent annually. Thus, a honest attempt has ..

Acting East With ASEAN

By Nilanjan Banik, Each year around 12 million people enter the labour force in India when roughly 2 million jobs get created. Economically well-off ASEAN nations, such as Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, can gain from making use of India&..

Requirements In Budget

                Our growth rate is stuck in the 6 to 8 per cent range. It is necessary to increase public investments in space research, next generation internet, genetic modification, data processing..

Relevance Of Awards

                    The lesson to be learnt is whether there should be any award at all. The experience is that the ruling party tends to give “recognition” to the people who are ei..

Myths On Health

EDUCATION is the key to development of any society. It opens up one’s mind, widens the horizon of thinking and gives an insight into the causes and effects of happenings around. Health education is all the more important because good health is most ..

‘Arm for a pillow...’

  By Vijay Phanshikar,         My arm for a pillow,I really like myselfUnder the hazy moon. - A haiku by Yosa Buson THESE thirteen words describe man’s completeness, so to say. They bring forth the truth how man ..

‘Absolute’ Or ‘Life Interest’

                      It is a settled principle of law that the “life interest” means an interest, which determines on the termination of life. It is incapable of being t..

Tributes to those wise youngsters

        I F THERE are good numbers of youngsters who do not respect hard-earned money and do not mind wasting it on unnecessary purchases, there also are good numbers of youngsters who believe in saving money by spending it wisel..

25 years of adding life to humanity

  By Rajendra Diwe, Rotary Club of Nagpur South (RCNS) has set a unique example of ‘adding life to years and adding years to life’. Established in 70’s, the club has entered in its 48th year of age, but is not feeling old or tir..

Changing The Geo-Politics?

By Dr. D. K. Giri, India-Israel relations - alliance, friendship, partnership, characterise as we may, will spell a new chapter in international relations. The circumstances will dictate New Delhi and Tel Aviv to come ever so close, which will alter..

Avoidable Conflict

                      Whatever may be the differences, the press conference by the sitting judges has definitely irretrievably dented the integrity of the institution and also the mo..

India, Israel Economic Ties

By SHIVAJI SARKAR,   India acquires almost one-third of Israel’s defence production. Its market is significant for the Jewish State as the US has banned Israel from selling hi-tech defence products to China. In terms of investment, Israe..

Searching ‘the inner me’

  By Vijay Phanshikar,       In this life I need the inner me,When I imagine of beyond good, I think of my heart,Time is passing by,People conjecture, In this life,I desire happiness,To find the humane in me,In this life,I do..

Claim For Regularisation

                    There is clear contravention of constitutional provisions and aspiration of the downtrodden class. They do have equal rights and to make them equals they require protection ..

Shun bad habit of thoughtless spending

        THE issue of how to make our youngsters understand the importance of money and how to help them inculcate the habit of not wasting a single rupee, is assuming paramount importance in parenting. Perhaps, our culture is goi..


Two men were walking along one summer day. Soon it became too hot to go any further and, seeing a large plain tree nearby, they threw themselves on the ground to rest in its shade. Gazing up into the branches one man said to the other, “What a usel..

National Concern

                        The recent accident in the school bus in Indore that killed five innocent children is an eye-opener, which has raised more questions regarding safety in..

Public Vs Private Sector

  We must take a good look at what India’s so-called great private sector has done. If we consider the holistic picture, we will start changing our opinions on both sides of the divide. Public Sector is India’s pride.- Prime Minister ..

Urgent Reforms Needed

By MOIN QAZI, According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare report, India faces a treatment gap of 50-70 per cent for mental healthcare. This implies that more than half of the population does not get the required treatment and medical faci..

Bureaucracy & Economy

                The Finance Minister has a few easy options to control the fiscal deficit. But options like PSU and PSB privatisation, disbanding of agricultural subsidies and simplification of GST de..

Meaning of Aathwa Mail

  Aathwa Mail! Aathwa Meel! -- The eighth mile!, in English. Back then, in the late 1950s and early 1960s when the country was smarting under first incursions and then invasion by China, the words ‘Aathwa Mail’ assumed tremendous ..

Respect The Anthem

                    There is no judgement by the apex court, or a legal provision, or an administrative direction that makes it mandatory for people to stand during the national anthem. Th..

Romancing one’s own company

  By Vijay Phanshikar,         The seldom tugs of silence,The mystic waves of ignorance,Creates an illusion of emptiness,Often mistaken as loneliness. The sadistic use of words,The blatant ties with denial,Creates an il..

Wait & Watch After FDI

By RAMESH KANITKAR, The Narendra Modi-Government’s decision to go in for further liberalisation of FDI norms will help build optimism among investors that the Government hasn’t lost track of the reform path. But, till the time reforms transla..

Norms For Judicial Review

In an earlier case, the Supreme Court has said, “We may add that the owner or employer of a project, having authored the tender documents, is the best person to understand and appreciate its requirements and interpret its documents. The const..

How to make our youngsters understand importance of money?

        THE clarity in their thinking was absolutely amazing. Those few youngsters were on a lookout for part-time jobs. They looked from reasonably well-to-do families. Then, why did they need jobs? Did they need money to s..


This is the nation’s emotional and spiritual requirement at this juncture. The nation wants to remind itself that its pride is not up for sale and that it has the capability to take care of things for itself and all by itself. And that is what Ind..

Medical Sector Reforms

By JYOTSHNA PANDIT, The review of MCI by the Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare on September 23, 2015 established that the body had failed to maintain transparency in medical colleges’ inspections, create a curriculum that produces doc..

New Public Sector

                    The PSU should pick up the students in their home country, bring them to India, educate them, get internationally acceptable certification and place them. This would gi..

Matter of scientific honour

    Vijay Phanshikar, It was another town almost -- away from Nagpur -- in those days in the early 1960s. Very few people dared to go that far. And those who did had either compulsion of residence -- or of law. Of law?! Yes. For, Nagp..

Trumping Up New Warning

                      Analysts point out that the United States is mounting pressure on Pakistan as it has firmed up an alliance with Beijing by allowing heavy Chinese investments in..

Comradeship of paradoxes

          One flower on the cliffsidenodding at the canyon. - A haiku by Jack Kerouac. CANYON! Time’s signature - indelible, impossibly etched! There, high on the cliffside, a lone flower dances in the wind, loo..

Cutting Pak To Size

By FAZAL MEHMOOD, Never before in the history of US-Pakistan relations has there been such a barrage of coercion from US leaders on Pakistan to act on “specific things we have asked Pakistan to do” as relations with it will now be &lsquo..

Re-Examining Witnesses

                    The traditional view of locus standi has been that the person who is aggrieved or affected has the standing before the Court, that is to say, he only has a right to mov..

fertile land

THE manner in which interest in the game of soccer is growing in the country, foreign football promoters see in India “a land of opportunity.” The Indian Super League (ISL), which has become a regular feature of the nation’s football cal..

A Gory Reminder

                      No one seems to fear the law. The cop is bribed, the official is bribed, the leader is bribed— the chain runs unending and smooth and unhealthy practices ..

A new social awakening on the anvil?

            EVEN as we keep hearing about how many hundreds of people the cops caught on New Year’s eve for drunken driving and also for disturbing public peace, we also get a good evidence of a new awakening on..


Post-violence, some political elements represented even by leaders of national standing have continued to make some nonsensical statements. But the common people have realised the falsehood in such statements and demands. They realise that the larger In..

Citadel of Yoga and its practice

    Vijay Phanshikar, It was a historic moment,  undoubtedly -- arrival of Maharshi Mahesh Yogi at the Yogabhyasi Mandal at Ram Nagar especially to meet Shri Janardan Swami. In the small front room of the mandal’s early building..

Challenges In The New Year

                              The challenge of 2018 is to revive the income and demand from the ground. It is clear that the reliefs granted to the small busi..

Another Lost Opportunity

                              Pakistan’s bureaucrats till the other day were a part and parcel of the same system. Their act was nothing but an expressi..

India’s Stand On Jerusalem

By FAZAL MEHMOOD, India ignored President Donald Trump’s intimidating noises and voted in favour of a resolution in the UN General Assembly which rejected and condemned US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. India’s vote at th..


Deceased Kamlabai was the wife of the accused Sheshrao. She was residing at her parents’ place till 12 days prior to the incident. The accused used to assault her and allegedly murdered her, but was acquitted on the ground of insanity. IN THE jud..


                  Better policing is a national demand as most common people who have to deal with the police have a forgettable experience. No one wants to go to a police even in dire needs because ..

“We don’t want to fall prey to New Year bluff”

      When everybody talks of New Year and its celebrations, it is not easy to find a young couple -- husband and wife -- who calls ‘New Year’ a “bluff”. The twosome is absolutely sure that there is no wisdom in..

UPA Govt’s silence on Sarabjit issue

Sir, It refers to shocking disclosure now about Sarabjit-family also having similar insult by Pakistan Government like mother and wife of Kulbhushan Jadhav had to bear, even though the incident was brought to notice of Dr Manmohan Singh Government at tha..

PM’s anguish

Sir,  Prime Minister’s anguish on his own party-Parliamentarians not responding to his messages on Namo-App is rather confession by Prime Minister that Indian people should not be forced to bear technological advances like petty digital-paymen..

At The Cross-Roads - III

Currently, Congress, as an organisation, does not exist. It is a loose collection of people with varied interests standing under one big banner and holding many small banners in their hands, indicating their separate shops. Mr. Rahul Gandhi is not even fa..

Restoring Banking Sector

By G SRINIVASAN, The familiar restorative to health of the Indian banking industry is composed of “greater participation of the private sector in bank capital, a smaller footprint of the PSBs in the financial system, a cautious reduction in statuto..

Of the charm of C.P. Office

    Vijay Phanshikar, In the night of June 25-26, 1975, the Commissioner of Police (CP) of Nagpur stood still and silent in his office. He had just received strict instructions about how to handle things from that moment onwards. The Govern..

Withdrawal From WTO

                The bottom line is that globalisation succeeds only as long as it can provide more benefits than costs to the member countries. We can, for example, today walk out of the WTO if we find it ..

The Third Person

No doubt, the contest was between Mr.Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi but the real rivalry was between the Congress and the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). And here Sonia Gandhi was relevant. In the rumble-tumble of election, the role of Congress Preside..

May May Have To Quit

By ARUN SRIVASTAVA, May has been in a state of utter puzzle about how she would act. She lacks guts to adopt a “hard Brexit” which would cut the country off from both the customs union and the single market of Europe. Her calling a snap elect..

Of a no-light condition

  By Vijay Phanshikar,       The lamp once outcool stars enter the window frame   - A ‘haiku’ by Natsume Soseki. (‘Haiku’ is a Japanese poem with 17 syllables)     Wonderful expres..

Superior Courts’ Authority

  Even while remanding the case to the subordinate Court, the Superior Court cannot issue a direction to the subordinate Court to either “allow” the case or “reject” it. If any such directions are issued, it would am..


The accountability of the activities of any corporate vehicle being used for tax avoidance related practices should rest with the true owner(s) of that entity. Blanket disqualification of directors without proper due diligence is a rather  arbitrar..

Man-Made Disaster

If we track the history of famines in the world during last hundred years, we will find that most of them have been man-made disasters and climate or food production had little role to play. In war-torn South Sudan 1.25 million people are facing starva..

Enable yourself to receive God’s blessing

      EVEN when we say habitually ‘God Bless You’, we hardly pay attention to what we say. We never ponder deeply over the words and ignore the power they can lend to our lives. We also never think what the words can actual..

Maturing Indo-US Friendship

By Indu Prakash Singh, Actions speak louder than words. In 2017, the reality has aligned with the rhetoric. The seeds have been planted and are being nurtured for an even stronger and more substantial alliance between India and the US in the future. This..

Sangh Building’s connect

    Vijay Phanshikar, Standing a little distance away from the Headquarters of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Mahal in the morning of June 1, 2006 just a little while after the security forces had foiled a terror strike on the precious ..

Can Bangladesh Improve?

                    It goes to the credit of successive Governments at Dhaka that they have maintained a six-per cent growth in the last 30 years. The garment industry is respected all ove..

WTO Ministerial

It is a sad but sardonic state of affairs in global trade negotiations that the world trade monitoring body, charged with evolving a rule-based trading arena to the common benefit of all, has had to end its three-day ministerial conclave in the Argen..

Consumer Fora Guidelines

                      One of the pressing issues, which needs to be dealt with forthwith, is the vacancy of the post of Registrar of the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.Th..


                  It is not just about the spread and penetration of education that is so important, because what really matters is improving the quality of our education so that the products of the ..


The homoeopathic system of medicine in India has become a household name due to the safety of its pills and gentleness of its cure. Homoeopathy is presently a rapidly growing system and its presence can be seen across the world. Still, in India, homoeop..

“Don’t fail the gods who bless you”

      THE man, almost ninety years of age, was crossing a road at a zebra crossing. For his age, he was quite fit and alert and was walking fairly fast to go over to the other side. It was then that a mobike rider came rushing in menac..

At The Cross-Roads

Mr. Rahul Gandhi is beginning his innings with two critical elections offering the party a collective sobering experience. How will he explain the phenomenon to his party’s rank and file? What kind of justification will he devise of the party&r..

Left Victory In Nepal

By Sankar Ray, The Left alliance with big majority, has enough leverage to start the process of economic rejuvenation in Nepal. For India, the moot issue is how the new Communist leadership shapes Nepal’s future relations with India and China. THE..

Putin’s Re-election

By ARUN SRIVASTAVA, The overwhelming consensus is that Putin will win as he symbolises the Russian aspiration and ethos. Though he does not pretend to be an ultra nationalist, his entire actions are focused in this direction. Basically this is the reason..

Our wonderful weekly market

  Fifty-seven years ago when we shifted to Gokulpeth from Sitabuldi when parents built a new home, one impression we carried from our old locality to the new one was of the weekly market. In both the places, the weekly markets were more or le..

Note Ban: The Positives

By By Ramesh Kanitkar, Before demonetisation, the currency in circulation, by value, was about Rs 17.97 lakh crore, which reduced to Rs. 16.35 lakh crore in October 2017, which means there is no significant difference between the currency in circulation ..

Being One with Universe!

  By Vijay Phanshikar, NASA Astronaut Jack David Fischer has said that space gives a sense of humbleness and spirituality. ... “The sight of the boundaryless Universe with its innumerable astronomical bodies and movements make us feel how s..

Market Domination

By RAMESH KANITKAR, Prime example of a company which has managed complete market domination across the globe is Amazon. Many times, normal rules of business do not apply to consumer Internet companies as the market leaders keep defying gravity by ruthles..

Why should life be such a thoughtless affair

          IT WAS around seven in the morning when a car had just entered the premises of a housing complex on Amravati Road in Nagpur. Its rear wheels were still out of the gate when a frighteningly fast driving mobike ride..

Modi’s vision

Sir, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s speech at the Leadership Summit was remarkable for many reasons. He rightly said that the overwhelming mandate he had received in 2014 was not to enjoy office, but to bring about a change that had been forsee..