Ganga Rejuvenation

                      The Ganga has been a complex puzzle for Governments over decades. Every Government tries to clean up the continually deteriorating river but no Government has e..

The Incomparable

 “May you live a hundred years. We were just remembering you”, said a swayamsevak (volunteer) of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), to another swayamsevak who arrived that very moment. “In the West, they say, ‘Take the name..

Political Vacuum In TN

Karunanidhi soon gathered his loyalists around him and built up the party over which he has held sway for over 60 years, though due to age related problems, he withdrew from active politics in 2016 and name his trusted son Mu Ka Stalin as his politic..

Inclusive Healthcare

In the first few decades of post-Independence period, the direction of the healthcare was based on these principles, which gave priority to public health. During that period, much of the healthcare was developed in State sector with a special emphasi..

Doctrine Of Pay And Recover

Doctrine Of Pay And Recover..

Water Extraction

                    Hotels, malls, big schools, colleges and institutes must have proper water harvesting paraphernalia. It doesn’t cost much to conserve water; it is just lack of awarene..

Artificial Milk Glut

By NANTOO BANERJEE INDIA may be the world’s largest producer of milk, but when it comes to per capita consumption, it is still far below the countries such as the US, EU members, Russia and even Brazil. Moreover, much of India’s milk is used ..

Banks Penalising Poor

By GYAN PATHAK,   Though this new practice of exacting penalty from the poor account holder has been made legal, it is in essence unethical and immoral, because the poor need more financial help from the system than anyone else. It’s quite&nb..

Woes Of Milk Producers

                The United States was exporting large amounts of milk products such as SMP, cheese and butter to China and Mexico. The ongoing trade war between these countries has led to the latter c..

Of hope -- and hope alone

      Vijay Phanshikar,   There is a general rush. Everybody is in a hurry, as if. Despite that, there is also an inexplicable sense of laze everywhere, as if nobody is in any hurry. Various smells -- of perfumes, of cheap ..


                    THAT 24 girls had to be rescued from a shelter home in Deoria in Uttar Pradesh is, to say the least, horrendous and shameful for the Indian society. These helpless girls had..

Tough Job For Imran Khan

If all goes well, the formal announcement of Prime Minister will coincide with finalised results of National Assembly and provincial Assemblies. The PTI Chief will swear in at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the residence of President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain o..

Rational Use Of Drugs

By DR. ARUN MITRA, There are set rules for commercial production of a medicine, including packing, storage and disposal. On every strip of medicine the basic information of its contents has to be provided. Literature about various benefits, side effects ..

Of constant change in being

  By Vijay Phanshikar,             ... I do not know how other authors feel about their writings, but always I have a strange  sensation when I read something that I had written some time previously. Th..

Ambiguity In Tax Exemption

Ambiguity In Tax Exemption..

Hanging tenuously by a faint hope

            EVERY word Mrs. Asha Bage, the celebrated Marathi litterateur and winner of Sahitya Akadami Award for her novel ‘Bhumi’, utters is lapped up by her fans. At a recent felicitation in Nagpur, she..

Precious Human Life

                      It is cheap for India to buy and burns hotter than coal, which is why we buy them but forget the fact that they release much more carbon and sulfur content, posing a..


Kolhapur, July 28 (PTI): Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar said, reservations for the Maratha community could be brought about with an amendment to the Constitution. The veteran leader added that he could hold a dialogue with the Opposition ..

Trade War

By K R SUDHAMAN, Some optimists still argue the US-China trade war might not become full blown and solutions would be found sooner than later as top world economists agree on one thing free trade is any day better than protectionism for global prosperity..

The Deep Pit

                Mr. Modi must focus on the core reasons for the outmigration of HNIs and outflow of grease money from India. The Modi narrative is that he is rooting out corruption, which, of course, is a ..

Ode to Kelibagh Road

    Vijay Phanshikar, Modernity is one condition human societies have often sought -- as an elevation, or departure, from the outdated or the outmoded to something current, something belonging to future. All cities around the world hav..

On Whose Side Is Imran

                    Democratic countries have said openly that Pakistan was under the Army rule. Will Imran Khan’s credentials be acceptable to the West? The next few months of Khan&rsquo..

Growth Rises In The East

The East continues to feed the country with basic raw materials such as steel, coal, bauxite and aluminum and crude oil. The market wind is, however, changing. The region now contributes to over 25 per cent of leather production, 21.5 per cent of ste..

Of unconquerable soul

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole,I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud.Under the bludgeonings of cha..

Need To Report Detention

Need To Report Detention..

Mob Lynching

  Beating up people to death just on the basis of rumours or ideological differences is a deeply regressive, sick and pervert mentality. Violence on any pretext is condemnable and primitive— more so when it is inflicted upon helpless, innoce..

Start seeking careers in defence services- III

            To protect honour of all honours-our India! UNTIL recently, that is say about ten years ago, the larger society felt that the careers in defence services did not offer pay as good as in the private corpor..

Will He Do That?

Islamabad, July 26 (PTI): ... “After a 22-year-long struggle, the Almighty God has finally given me the chance to implement the manifesto I had dreamed up over two decades ago ...”, Imran Khan, 65, said in his first public address after the ..

Prisoner Of Past

By G. SRINIVASAN With its more than 150 years history and heritage of pre-colonial past, the baggage it suffers, operating as it is as a departmental commercial undertaking of the Government of India under the overall control of the Railway Board, its im..

Protect The Poor

                The welfare State in the United States and the European Union are under severe pressure because their companies are burdened with heavy taxes and are not able to face global competitio..

Old-world charm in modern times

      Vijay Phanshikar, The first impression of the Nagpur Railway Station a four-year-old boy carried sixty-four years ago was of its enormity. The little head could not fathom how big the Station was. But as the little boy stoo..

Surveillance Vs Privacy

By Padmakumar & Om Prakash, Along with worries over breaches of privacy, surveillance often brings mechanisms to discriminatively categorise people. As a country with a history of multiple forms of discrimination, India is at greater risk THE Suprem..

Of lengthening shadows

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Lengthening shadows of the evening ...         THIS is hardly a description of the evening. Of course, it is truthful no doubt. For, the evening has that quality of stretching the shadows. Yet, th..

Lynching Incidents

                  The Parliament should enact special law against lynching providing adequate punishment for the same, with a view to instill a sense of fear for law amongst the people who invol..

Reining in mob violence

  Of late India has seen a spate of mob lynchings. Such instances are a blot on our civilised society. There is a groundswell of public disgust at such lynchings. There has been a demand from some quarters to enact a new law to rein in mob fr..

Tenable Solution

The number of doctors per thousand population in India is one of the lowest in the world, which directly affects the quality of healthcare. This can be addressed by increasing the number of medical colleges and medical seats. But such a move also needs a..

Start seeking careers in defence services - II

          IT IS possible that some people may misunderstand that anybody pushing the idea of defence-related careers is only promoting a second-rate line, after failing to make the grade in engineering or similar caree..


‘I appeal to all the honourable Members to keep in mind that this is not a public meeting; this is an occasion to debate over the no-confidence motion. When you speak, you please state your point in calmness, and if you want to make an allegation,..

Alternative To MSP

THE Government has enhanced the Minimum Support Price (MSP) of Kharif crops in keeping with the commitment made in the Budget to increase the incomes of farmers. It is estimated that this will lead to an increase in inflation of about 0.2 per cent and t..

Harsh Judgement

                  Nawaz Sharif does not want to run away from the adverse judgment. He had said that he would return to Pakistan and face imprisonment. The elected leaders have to pay this price to s..

Dialogue ‘within’ total oneness

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Kaanada haa Vitthalu KarnatakuTene maja laviyela vedhuKhol gunthi gheuniKhunavita palaviAalavilya nedi saaduShabdevin samvaduDujevin anuvaduHe tav kaise mee gamePare hi par te bolane khuntaleVaikhari kaise mee sange ... - ..

Collective Responsibility – II

                    In the first judgement, the provisions of Article 239AA represent a clear mandate of the Constitution to provide institutional governance founded on participatory, repr..

Totally Biased

                    India has one of the best human rights records and organised extremities on any or group or deliberate atrocities in the name of religion or on the basis of cultural or econ..

A few pages from diary of a rape victim

  By Anshuman Bhargava, Anshuman Bhargava, State Editor of MP Editions of The Hitavada, delves in the mind on a rape survivor and gives a moving account of the mental battles fought by the survivor against herself and the society and how her..

Start seeking careers in defence services

          THERE is a drastic and disturbing nationwide fall in the number of youngsters seeking admission to engineering colleges. This is also applicable to admissions in polytechnic as well. As a result, countless numbers..

Escape To Gratitude

  Mae Sai (Thailand) July 10 (AFP): The final five members of a young football team were rescued from a flooded Thai cave on Tuesday after spending 18 harrowing days trapped deep inside, completing an astonishing against-the-odds rescue mission th..


INDIA is facing grave problem of waste management, particularly growing cities and towns, so much so that for most civic bodies in the country it has become a major headache. So when advanced countries like Japan offer to help in this matter it should be ..

Diplomatic Win

Just 40 kms down South from Mattala, China has built the Hambantota seaport. India fears that in the not-too-distant future, China is likely to set up a naval base there – secretly, if possible and openly, if necessary, disregarding possible ob..

Attack On Innocents

The messages that have gone viral for some time in the different parts of the country read like: “Please take care of your children. Don’t send them out alone.” Some such messages also carry photographs of a man being taken away by ..

Of big-name obsession

    Vijay Phanshikar,   When political leaders fall prey to an obsession of big names for various projects, all they do is mislead the common people into believing that something big may be in the offing. Exactly this happened in the ..

Drift In India, US Relations

Drift In India, US Relations ..

Healthcare Census

Health is basically a State subject though it is in the joint list under the Constitution. In fact, States play a much greater role than the Centre in terms of both healthcare and medical and para-medical eduction. Most non-BJP states question the po..

Of poignant confrontation

            By Vijay Phanshikar, Before the white chrysanthemumsthe scissors hesitatea moment- A haiku by Yosa Busan WHAT a poignant confrontation! Chrysanthemums!Scissors!A delicate flower!A vivisector!A ground r..

Collective Responsibility

  The Constitution bench holds that the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has to act as per the aid and advice of the Council of Ministers of Delhi Government except in matters of land, police and public order. It also held that the LG cannot interfere..

How safe are chartered flights

  What if the plane had crashed into any one of the neighbourhood apartment complexes or a school nearby? These may be dismissed as mere hypothetical, but the danger is very real. The crash has exposed the serious lapses in the functioning of a ch..

‘Service above self’ in the truest sense of the word

          THOSE youngsters are an especially happy lot. All of them are in various levels of their schools and college courses. They go to different schools and colleges, as well. Yet, at least twice a week, they meet with ..


New Delhi, July 5 (PTI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the contribution of Asian democracies to global discourse needed to enhance rapidly with their rise in economic and political stature, as he stressed that democratic values were..

Trump’s Isolationist Regime

The question that ought to be asked is this, is the world better off without the US engaging in multilateral forums and following what now appears to be a very isolationist foreign policy? The US has, at least as far as human rights are concerned, be..

Trade War Good For India

Trade War Good For India ..

Enduring citadel of power

    He had just made history -- in the United Nations. For the first time, those coveted portals had heard a great speech in Hindi. And Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee, the then Minister of External Affairs, had come to Nagpur soon after that great..

Subdue Pak Without Guns

Given its economic frailties, Pakistan is in an extremely vulnerable situation. Being largely an agrarian economy, with its exports dominated by cotton, textiles, and apparel, a hostile country needs only to increase the supply of textiles in interna..

India-Seychelles Ties

The two islands -- Agalega in the Mauritius and Assumption in the Seychelles -- have been seen as strategically critical for India in the Indian Ocean region as along with an Indian listening post on Madagascar, off the coast of Africa, commissioned in 20..

Condonation Of Delay

As per the provisions of Order VIII Rule 1 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908, the defendant is obligated to present a written statement of his defence within 30 days from the date of service of summons. Proviso thereto enables the court to extend ..

Of joy of sending ‘your’ kids to school

            THAT day as the schools re-opened after summer vacation, her joy knew no bounds. For, five of ‘her’ kids had joined a school for the first time. She had seen them playing on sidewalk. On her ex..


  New Delhi, June 28 (PTI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Thursday, accused the Congress of questioning the commitment and courage of the Armed Forces and of lowering their morale, asserting that it is no longer a mainstream party but a fri..

Looming Economic Crisis

  At the time of recession when businesses are not forthcoming, or when people find it hard to get a job, it is quite natural that tax collection will be inadequate. Therefore, the Government will meet its welfare objective (that is, to pay for dole..

A political landmark

    Vijay Phanshikar,   Even when it was under proposing and planning, this complex of buildings was slated to be a political landmark not just for Nagpur but also for the whole of Maharashtra. When its construction began nearly ..

Clean Ganga Project

                    By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala The plan to carry freight on the Ganga is very old. But till 2014, Manmohan Singh did not take any effective steps to implement the same. Soon af..

Fiscal Consolidation

The BIS report duly cautioned that the role of financial forces in business fluctuations has grown substantially since the early 1980s across the globe when financial liberalisation took hold. And post-crisis (2008), the weight of non-bank intermedia..

Of God’s footprint

  By Vijay Phanshikar,         Vaishnav jana to tene ... - A Gujarati bhajanby Narsinh Mehta(revisited) ‘Vaishnav jana ...’! Just two words -- at the start of a bhajan by Gujarati saint-poet Narsinh Mehta! Th..

Pak’s Lucrative Business

By BRIG. (RETD) S.N. SACHADEVA The Pakistani army’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) subverts, co-opts and kills with ruthless efficiency. It positions India as an enemy to justify the country’s bloated annual defence budget. Pakistan spends..

Striking Balance

                    The Constitution does not envisage supremacy of any of the three organs of the State. But, functioning of all the three organs is controlled by the Constitution. Wherev..

utter shame

IF SOME political party had not raised the issue of freedom to Kashmir at this stage, it would have been a surprise. For, the manner in which the Centre has begun implementing its ideas to restore normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) through Governor&r..

Salutes to a rare family

        To meet with people of such a high level of awareness about handling a youngster in the family, is always a rare occasion. For, when the youngster reaches the level of ninth standard, the entire family gets high-strung an..


Corruption, casteism, farmers’ suicides are on the increase in the country. Poor people do not get two square meals a day. And in such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is asking people to do yoga, thus said Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Co..


By BARUN DAS GUPTA CHINA is clearly outmaneuvering India in the diplomatic war to win over India’s neighbours. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made several visits to China, apparently to keep Beijing in good humour, reduce tension between th..

Deal With Competitiveness

                  By Dr. Bharat jhunjhunwala AMERICAN megastore Walmart is engaged in bitter battle with American mega e-retailer Amazon. The battle between the two giants underscores the changing..

Of the good, old World Wide Web

    Vijay Phanshikar,   Those were the days when letters brought with them lots of news about relatives, friends, neighbours -- good news and bad news, and with it came a lot of emotions that tugged at our inner beings like nothing el..

Trump Backs Russia

By ARUN  SRIVASTAVA   THE sudden shift in President Donald Trump’s stand on Russia and calling on the world’s leading economies to reinstate Russia to the Group of 7 nations four years after it was cast out for annexing Crimea is ..

Indo-Iran Ties

By K R SUDHAMAN INDIA-IRAN ties have become challenging yet again after the recent US sanctions against Tehran following the unilateral pull-out of Washington from Iran Nuclear deal. But this has thrown a new opportunity to get into shipping services in ..

Fundamental Breach 

                   CURRENT TRENDS IN LAW The insurer’s plea states that vehicle in question had no permit. It does not require the wisdom of the ‘Tripataka’, that it is a matt..

A Diplomatic Triumph

“The Kim-Trump meet will remain a historic exercise and the attempt of the two leaders to make a truce and come down to a solution from their high seats of arrogance and recalcitrance is praiseworthy.” Nuclear disarmament is the buzzword toda..

SCO entry to help boost India-China trade ties

  By Subrata Majumder, The recent Sino-US trade war may turn out to be boon to enhance business relations between India and China. It has enlarged the scope for India to export more products, such as cotton, soybean meal and maize, according to I..

A matter of choice by youngster

        l Meeting the youngster was a pleasant experience by any standard. As I entered the front room of the house, the head of the family called his young son to say ‘hello’. The boy came,  very neatly dressed..


The Hitavada Chandrapur Bureau Chandrapur, June 13: Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday, “There are many talented farmers who have potential to change the country’s fortunes, but they lack Government support. The Government wa..

The Korean Summit

By C.J. ATKINS North Koreans know well the costs of war. At the time, the U.S. military estimated that it had killed up to 20 per cent of the North’s population in its bombardment campaigns during the 1950-53 war. Here, family members visit the gra..

Himalayan Trade Route

By Dawa Tshering The Belt and Road Initiative may have many shortcomings, but if adopted intelligently, can usher in a new age of economic prosperity in Eastern India. China has a huge East-West spread and its western part, the Tibet Autonomous Region, w..

All for traffic sense -- in kids!

  When it was first thought of, Traffic Park in Nagpur was truly a novel idea. Kids would learn traffic rules there as there would be proper traffic signals, proper intersections and proper roads on which the kids would ride their bicycles or..

Apolitical Bureaucrats

By V.Y. KANTAK THE proposal of the Union Government to finalise cadres of successful candidates of the Combined Civil Services after the training has invited the wrath of serving and retired bureaucrats. They feel that an impartial selection process is b..

Of a monk’s calm

    By Vijay Phanshikar, “...When I lift my gun and bring it to bear on the target ... . Is my line smooth? Is it clean? Am I shifting? ...You can’t smell sweat in this clinical room, but I promise it is there. ... On competit..

Quality Of Medical Education

                By Adv. R.S. Agrawal According to the court, fixing minimum standards which have to be fulfilled for the purpose of enabling medical college to seek fresh inspection would not be contrary ..

Renewable Energy

                    Power is something that will see a constantly rising demand due to growing industry and infrastructure need apart from the requirements and aspirations of a growing pop..

The Mukherjee Episode - II

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel, on Thursday, expressed his disapproval of former President Pranab Mukherjee visiting the RSS headquarters, and said, he did not expect this from him.  - PTI “We have often invited persons representing diff..

NATO Enters Latin America

By W T WHITNEY JR. ON MAY 25, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos made an announcement that Colombia has joined North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). He mentioned too that Colombia was joining the Organisation for Cooperation and Economic Develop..

Unfolding of an industrial story

  In those days, it was a dream place, in the sense it represented the dream of the Government as well as of people -- the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation -- MIDC -- Industrial Estate on Hingna Road. Soon after Maharashtra State was..

New Era Of Indo-China Ties

By Ram Madhav INDIA and China are two great and ancient civilisations. They have shared millennia-old relations at civilisational level as well as socio-economic level. Post-independence, India had established political and diplomatic relations with the ..

Second Nipah Outbreak

By ADITYA AAMIR IN NIPAH-SPOOKED Kozhikode and Malappuram districts of Kerala, the State has asked for desperate measures to handle an expected second wave of infections. Already 17 of the 20 ‘Nipah infected,’ who were hospitalised, are dead...

Metaphor of a lone marcher

  By Vijay Phanshikar, Tu na thakega kabhi,Tu na rukega kabhi,Tu na mudega kabhi,Kar shapath, kar shapath, kar shapathAgnipath Agnipath Agnipath(You will not fatigue ever, You will not stop ever, You will not divert ever, Swear now, swear now, sw..

Prosecution For Perjury

                    IN THE judgement of the case - Professor Chintamani Malviya vs High Court of Madhya Pradesh, delivered by Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Uday Umesh Lalit on April 27, 2018,..

Shun Terrorism

                    Pakistan should come clean on its course of action and show the seriousness in taming terrorism if it really wants to embark upon a constructive journey.” The di..