Go Green

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2015 11:39:49

Our Little Effort to Show That We Care About You and Us.

It has become absolutely important to go green these days as we all are facing adverse climates and many other upheavals in the life cycle due to global warming. Possessing greener homes is undoubtedly in the spotlight these days, however, it is not enough. Proper initiative is to be taken by all so that the risks caused to the human beings and the other living beings on the Earth due to global warming can be minimized. It has become a unanimous social responsibility to save our natural habitat for our own goodness.

Datalogy Software being a corporate IT company realizes its social responsibility and has already taken steps for preventing the harm caused to earth.

At Datalogy Software, the lights are bright enough to illumine the whole office with its environmentally friendly light bulbs. The lights used in the office are big time energy savers and each and every member of the Company makes sure that the lights are turned off before leaving. That's not all, there are numbers of computers that are used by the employees and the company makes sure that all PC's and AC's are turned off before they leave the office. This also boosts in saving lot of energy and also maximizes the computer efficiency.

Paper is yet another source to be handled with care. We are extra careful about the printing of the papers and we make it a point that all our faxes are received on the reverse side of printed paper to avoid wastage of papers. The print outs are also taken out only as and when required and the paper used by us is generally chlorine-free paper that has higher percentage of recycled paper. Even the cleaners that are used in the office are non-toxic so that they prevent the spreading of water pollution and air pollution.

AC's are used very economically and as per requirement. The office has some of the best quality AC with the latest technology that consumes less energy and helps in saving energy and also curbs the pollution.

This is the small step taken by Datalogy Software to go green and it has several other plans of going green in the recent future by having solar panels, and several other environmentally friendly equipments and machines.