The monsters

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Oct 2015 11:08:39


UNDOUBTEDLY, technology has become indispensable today. We cannot afford to avoid the use of TV, computers and mobile phones. But we must have the sensibility to understand where to put a full stop. Otherwise, these modern gadgets are bound to become monsters. The other day, I paid a courtesy visit to a relative’s place as I had not seen them for the past several days. The scene in the house was quite unnerving and thought-provoking as well. All the three children in the family were engrossed in their own activities- the girl watching TV and the two boys playing computer games. They did not even bother to come and greet me as it would disturb their activities. This scenario is common in every household with some differences. In every house, children are hopelessly addicted to the TV or controlled by computer, gazing at the screen, lazing and sprawling in an almost hypnotised state. They are watching the ghastly junk mindlessly being offered to them on TV or hooked to the computer, their fingers jumping skillfully over the keys. Of course, there is an advantage in children remaining still while watching TV or sitting in front of the computer instead of playing mischief, fighting, kicking, punching or being restless, having nothing to do. This lets mothers attend to their household chores, relived from tension about watching their children’s whereabouts. But have we ever imagined what havoc we are playing with children’s lives by allowing them to watch TV or being glued to the computer for hours? The excessive indulgence in these two activities paralyses the thought process of children. The children remain in a mesmerized state and their natural inquisitiveness and creativity gets destroyed as they are deprived of intellectual stimulation. Their brain power gets subdued, the power of thinking rusts. Their minds become completely cluttered and clogged. Constructive games, sports, reading, drawing and other artistic pursuits have today taken a back seat, thanks to monsters called TV and computer. I am sure parents will agree with me but an all important question they may ask me is what should they do keep their children engaged and free from creating nuisance. To all such parents, I would like to ask very respectfully to remember what they did when they themselves were children. Don’t you really know what the solution to the problem is? As there is a silver lining to every dark cloud, so also there is a solution to every problem. To all such anxious parents, I would like to suggest that they themselves have to work hard to inculcate in children habits like reading, playing, socialising and doing something constructive right from childhood. They must do this despite being busy with their own jobs, businesses, friends and parties. They must make themselves available for children and cater to their needs and emotions whenever they find themselves alone and in a soup. Despite taking all precautions, if children are ensnared by modern gadgets and are hooked to them endlessly, parents need to put their foot down and stop children from using it. Many parents may fear that their children would throw tantrums, refuse to eat or go to school if they prohibit them from using these gadgets. Instead, parents can install a lovely bookshelf in their house with interesting books of different kinds. Initially, the children will be reluctant to read them but when they find they have nothing better to do, they would feel the need to read something and once they start reading and taking interest in other constructive activities, they will discover joy in it. They will grow up to have sharp minds and emerge as better developed individuals. When they grow up, they will realise the futility of wasting time in nonsensical activities like watching TV, playing with computers or mobile phones all the time. They will love their parents all the more for what they did for them in time and having prevented them from going astray and repenting in future.