Jail me if charges proved correct: Rahul dares Modi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Nov 2015 13:44:23

Delhi Bureau and Agencies


IN A hard-hitting speech, Rahul Gandhi on Thursday dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to jail him, accusing him of using “cronies” to “throw mud” at him like the RSS and BJP had done against his parents and grand mother Indira Gandhi in the past.
“You talk of a 56-inch chest. Probe me, then put me behind bars. I want to tell Modi ji and the RSS that I do not have the slightest of fear,” a combative Congress Vice President told the Prime Minister, hitting back at recent allegations questioning his nationality.
“Modi ji, it is your Government. You have the agencies. Get a probe done against me within 6 months and send me behind bars if you find something. Stop all this--the mud that you throw at me and my family through your cronies. You are not in Opposition, you are in Government now,” Gandhi said.
Addressing a National Convention of the Youth Congress on the occasion of 98th birth anniversary of Indira Gandhi, he said amidst cheers from the gathering that “there is not an iota of truth,” in an apparent reference to the allegations levelled by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.
Swamy had charged that Gandhi had claimed himself to be a British national in documents before the company law authorities of UK.
Gandhi accused the RSS and the BJP of throwing mud on his family members. He had seen that ever since he was a child, asserting that he is “not going to be scared” by such things and that he will continue to fight against BJP.
Meanwhile, Sonia Gandhi, in her speech, made a stinging attack on the Modi Government and said its ideology shunned pursuit of secularism.
“Today, when we see the ruling establishment pursuing communal and divisive politics and follow policies that favour the few and the powerful, when we see their ideology that shuns secularism, tolerance and inclusion, when the spokespersons of its agenda make blatantly partisan appeals to obtain votes, Indira-ji’s values acquire even greater importance,” Sonia Gandhi said.
Sonia Gandhi also attacked the RSS, saying the ‘present Government and its masters who exercise their control from behind the scenes, are systematically working to dismantle the legacy of the Congress, to rewrite our history, to negate all that Nehru, Indira-ji and all our leaders have achieved”.