Modi urges IAS officers to work for positive change

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Nov 2015 13:21:23


PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked young IAS officers to develop immunity against the “viral” of corruption and act as agents of change to improve the lives of common people as the country needs to seize the “golden opportunity” to attain new heights.
Interacting with 169 IAS officers of 2013 batch here, he said the officials should not to let “tensions and struggles” affect them but should work to integrate as many people as possible with them in their endeavours.
Giving a pep talk to the young officers, Modi said they can bring about a “big change” through hard work and sincerity as he noted that they would be working in one-fifth of the country’s districts over the next 10 years.
“Sometimes, we find that some people are down with viral fever. But at the same time, we find that some people are not affected by viral because of immunity and inherent strength to counter the virus,” Modi said.
“Wherever we go, there may be the viral of laziness, viral of despondency or viral of corruption. But if one goes with strength, then even after getting affected with viral, the disease can be cured with just one tablet. An energetic person can change that viral-filled situation. If one tablet can bring such a change, then why can’t humans do it. Just cribbing will not do,” he said.
The Prime Minister told the young officers not to have “ego” and build teams wherever they work. He also advised them to take advise from those who have worked in a particular area or field for decades and have since retired.
Asking the officers to act as agents of change, he said the positive work done by the IAS officers in villages and districts will help India achieve new heights.
“There is a golden opportunity
for India which it cannot afford to miss. How do we use this opportunity to help the nation attain new heights? How do we take benefit of situation? And wherever we are, whatever our responsibilities
are, whatever our strengths are, if we exploit them and decide that we need to take the country
forward. This country will move on,” Modi said.