Sebi seeks server vendor for 20 cr Sahara documents

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 23 Nov 2015 12:32:44

NEW Delhi, Nov 22 (PTI)

IN THE high-profile Sahara case, regulator Sebi is looking for a server hosting vendor for the mammoth task of providing electronic data storage and web access services for a database of 20 crore scanned pages.
In this long-running case, Sahara group was asked by the Supreme Court in August 2012 to submit all documents and deposit investors’ money with Sebi for refund purpose. Sebi was mandated by the court to examine the documents submitted by Sahara, whose chief Subrata Roy is in Tihar Jail for over 18 months, to ascertain their genuineness and make refund to investors. Sebi has been inviting refund applications from investors through various platforms, including newspapers and its own website, and the process of returning investors’ money is underway.
In connection with this matter, which is being overseen by a retired Judge appointed by the Supreme Court, Sebi has generated about 20 crore pages of PDF documents and a database created out of them.
The total volume of this electronic data, including the PDF files, is 70 terabytes. Terabyte, wherein the prefix tera is derived from the Greek word for monster, is a measure of computer storage capacity and one TB is approximately a trillion bytes. In a tender inviting bids for its ‘Electronic Data Storage and Web Access Project’ with regard to the Sahara case, the regulator said, “Sebi would like to avail the services of any third party server hosting vendor to take over, store and maintain the aforesaid electronic data of 70TB and also to provide the services of web access to the data”.
The vendor would be required to provide storage and facility for access to the said data to the users situated in Sebi headquarters in Mumbai or to any third party.