Illegal remittances racket at BOB minted $100 crore

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Dec 2015 11:34:04


THE masterminds of illegal remittances racket operating through Bank of Baroda were allegedly charging Rs 1.35 for every dollar sent abroad from people who wanted to use their services.
The CBI investigation into over Rs 6,000 crore transfer (about USD 100 crore) to Hong Kong and Dubai through BoB Ashok Vihar Branch has indicated that the master operators were charging this premium by offering their channel to send the money outwards, the agency’s chargesheet alleged.
The CBI has filed its chargesheet which reveal that nearly USD 100 crore were transferred from India to Hong Kong and Dubai using proper banking channel by evading the scrutiny of banking software which red flags every transaction above USD one lakh.
Sources said the agency has mentioned in its chargesheet that masterminds of the racket were allegedly distributing the fee of Rs 1.35 per USD among themselves with even the lowest rung of the gang (which were alleged account holders) made Rs 25-40 lakh in one year period from July 2014-July 2015.
“The lower rung of the gang was given 20-25 paisa per USD transferred and during the one-year period they have made about Rs 25-40 lakh by transferring funds through banking channels,” an official said.
The sources said similarly the parties in Hong Kong and Dubai to whom the money was allegedly being transferred made over Rs 35-60 lakh in commission from the well-oiled machinery which was being run.
CBI had registered a case against 59 current account holders and unknown bank officials and private persons on a complaint from Bank of Baroda. It was alleged that the 59 current account holders and unknown bank officials conspired to send overseas remittances, mostly to Hong Kong, of Foreign Exchange worth approximately Rs 6000 crore in illegal and irregular manner in violation of established banking norms under the garb of payments towards suspected non-existent imports.
It was also alleged that the amount remitted in each transaction would be kept at less than USD 100,000, CBI said.