Kirti Azad demands ED probe into DDCA graft

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Dec 2015 11:34:41

BJP MP and former cricketer Kirti Azad during a press conference in New Delhi on Sunday.(PTI)


NEW DELHI, Dec 20 (Agencies)

FORMER Indian player Kirti Azad on Sunday accused the Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) of massive financial irregularities and urged Enforcement Directorate (ED) to probe the issue.
The former cricketer alleged that the DDCA had given contracts to fake companies, paying them crores of rupees in cash and had fudged auditing. Azad, who has been campaigning against alleged corruption in Delhi’s cricket body, did not take the name of Arun Jaitley, under whose charge as President of DDCA he claimed there were financial bunglings. Flanked by former India captain Bishen Singh Bedi and former cricketer Surinder Khanna at the media interaction that lasted less than two hours, the third time MP from
Darbhanga repeatedly said there was no personal fight in his principled campaign but played footage of a DDCA AGM of 2011-12 CD which purportedly showed Azad questioning Jaitley who was in the chair. The footage also purportedly showed Jaitley defending the DDCA office-bearers who were being questioned by Azad on alleged financial bunglings.
Asked whether he has been gagged by party President Amit Shah, who had summoned him a couple of days ago and asked him not to hold the press conference, Azad made light of the meeting saying, “I had a good breakfast with him. He offered me idlis. I said it was very good.”
Addressing mediapersons here, Azad displayed a video produced by WikiLeaks4India which claimed that the DDCA had given out contracts to various companies but the addresses given for these were found to be false.
It also alleged that the DDCA hired office and other equipment at vastly inflated prices, including hiring of laptops at Rs 16,000 per day and printers at Rs 3,000 per day.
“I just want to expose corruption, the accounts of it will be explained later. I repeat, this is not personal or against one person. It is against corruption,” he said.
Azad, a member of the Indian team that won the World Cup in 1983, also refuted former DDCA President Arun Jaitley’s allegation that he had met Congress chief Sonia Gandhi in order to sketch out a plan to target him.
“Our Prime Minister is our hero, in the country and outside. We admire him so much that he is fighting against corruption. We are not fighting against any person. I am there in the fight against corruption with him. If the party takes action against me, it will not be proper,” he said.
Asked how much was Jaitley responsible for the corruption in DDCA, Azad said, “You are trying to make me fight with someone which I will not. I have been fighting this (battle against corruption) for the last nine years. The new party (AAP) which has come is now making it a political issue. This was my issue.
The video that was shown at the press conference claimed around 14 companies to whom payments had been made when Jaitley was at the helm of DDCA were non-existent. When those who conducted the ‘sting’ operation visited the addresses of the companies mentioned in the records they could not locate them.
“The business governance norm is to float tenders. But these fraud companies are given work worth crores of rupees but the nature of work is not mentioned.
“Corruption has happened and the SFIO said there were financial irregularities. DDCA is LIC (legal institute of corruption). DDCA accounts are forged. These are fraud companies which didn’t exist but were given contracts worth crores,” Azad said.
He said although CBI has given notice to DDCA with regard to alleged corruption, the ‘criminal aspect’ has still to be looked into.
“I would like the Enforcement Directorate and Directorate of Revenue Intelligence to investigate. POCA (Prevention of Corruption Act) can also be invoked in DDCA affairs.
“We need to find the trail of the money, where the money has gone,” the BJP MP said.


Nothing new in claims, taken from our findings: Chauhan

REACTING to Kirti Azad’s claim of financial bunglings in the DDCA on Sunday, its Vice-President Chetan Chauhan said that all the material the BJP MP relied upon for his allegations were taken from the earlier findings on the basis of which S P Bansal was removed as President.
“This so-called expose is on the basis of our findings, which were done by the three-member committee. It was due to those findings that SP Bansal was removed,” Chauhan told PTI after Azad addressed a press conference here.
Azad, who has been campaigning against alleged corruption in Delhi’s cricket body, on day addressed a press conference here but did not take the name of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, under whose charge as president of DDCA he claimed there were financial bunglings.
“All this happened after Arun Jaitley’s term in DDCA and it happened during SP Bansal’s rein. Ye saara kaarnama unka hai (All these is his doing).”
Asked about the video footages of the ‘fake bills’ shown by Azad during the press conference, Chauhan said, “Look, the work has been done for sure. It’s not that the work did not happen, but the way it was allotted was wrong.
“I insist all these are in the fact finding committee’s report. Ye hamari report se nikaal rahe hain (All these are being taken out of our report),” he said.
The fact finding committee comprised Sunil Jain, Vinod Garg, Salim Seth and Sidhartha Verma.
Indian Test team captain Virat Kohli on Sunday came out strongly in support of Jaitley. “Grateful to have @arunjaitley ji as the president of our association. He has always wanted to improve the game & help cricketers in everyway,” Kohli tweeted.