A lot to Hate in this Story

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Dec 2015 14:10:54

By Aasawari Shenolikar
The third installment in the Hate Story franchise, Vishal Pandya’s Hate Story 3 is being touted as an erotic thriller - but after sitting through a torturous two and half hours, I can only conclude - neither is Hate Story 3 erotic nor a thriller by any stretch of imagination.
The revenge saga has two business tycoons - a beefy Johnny Bravo-puffed-up-hairstyled Karan Singh Grover and a thin-lipped trying to be macho ‘he is a f******* cunning rascal’ yelling Sharman Joshi - fighting over a damsel and the business. The damsel (Zarine Khan) is as cold-as-a piece-of-iceberg, moves only her hot pink botoxed lips (she has to do that to utter the dialogues) and not another facial muscles, speaks of her acting ability. Miss Khan, losing weight and getting the tag of ‘sexy’ is not enough. You must know ‘acting’ - a prerequisite if you want to be called an actor.
The opening sequence is a nervous pink-lipped Siya (Zarine Khan) and a tight-lipped Aditya (Sharman) waiting to inaugurate their dream project - a super specialty hospital named after Aditya’s elder brother. After the mandatory garlanding of the bust, the scene changes to Siya being interviewed by a TV channel - it’s a LIVE telecast on women empowerment that has the anchor asking cliched questions like “behind every successful man…” and then immediately popping the next question, “did you have an affair with Aditya’s elder brother?” Siya’s response is baffling - a dream sequence has Aditya singing Tumhe apna banane, and by this time you already know the path this Hate Story is taking.
Enter Johnny Bravo puffed Saurav Singhania (Karan Singh Grover), who is ready to help Aditya with money to expand his business. A blank cheque is handed over with a dialogue, which I am sure everyone knows. “Jitni rakam chahiye bhar lo”. What he wants in return, is a night with Siya. Amidst the ‘main tera khoon pee jayoonga’ type of dialogue baazi, the game begins. Following predictable twists and turns, that have a lot of double-crossing, betrayal, unfaithfulness and treachery, but unfortunately no emotion to really showcase the ‘hate’ or ‘revenge’, the ordeal is finally over.
Oh! And besides the ubiquitous man Fridays; both men also have another weapon - Kaya (Daisy Sharma), who is Aditya’s shapely secretary, whom the camera always pans from behind. She has risen to handle Rs 500 crore deals in the company. MBA’s and others with more educational qualifications and experience be damned! Woman empowerment, indeed!  
The plot meanders and is interspersed with bawdy numbers - in swimming pools, nightclubs and in the bedroom, (this is the director’s vision of making the film erotic)- songs that mar any little continuity that the film might have.
Bad acting by one and all also lets the movie down. Zarine Khan has only one expression - she appears to be miserable. Oops, sorry - I forgot - she heaves and heaves in the song sequences - but that’s the body talking, not the face. And the supposedly sexy secretary, if not locking lips with the enemy and showing some skin in the pool, is busy gyrating in nightclubs. Arre bhai! These scenes are essential because this is when the songs happen. Sharman Joshi is a talented actor, but he just couldn’t fit into the character of a scheming business tycoon. Karan Singh Grover looked far better on the small screen. (Did he look good because the screen was small?) I also must mention that everyone’s makeup was very visible - the heavy pancake was evident in every close up and believe me, there were many such shots in the film.
We’ve all heard stories of ministers being bribed by industrialists for favours, but whoever heard of being bribed with 50 crores of cash that is transported in wooden crates to the Minister’s house? Hasn’t the director heard of secret Swiss Bank Accounts? Or is the ‘Swiss Bank Account’ a taboo word even in the film stories because of the ‘Black Money Dhan Wapsi Yojana?’
But what took the cake was this - when Karan Singh Grover tells a wooden-faced Zarine Khan ‘Seduce me’ I fell off the chair.

The Hitavada Rating: *