Advani puzzled at means for measuring sports excellence

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 20 Dec 2016 09:16:23


Dec 19,


PANKAJ Advani, who has won a total of 16 world titles across different formats of cue sports, wondered whether Indians, in general, really understood the concept of excellence in sports.
“I don’t understand the perception of sports in India. We talk only about (performance at) the Olympics. But we also have to look at consistency and people who are continuously bringing glory to the country,” said Advani at a media conference here on Monday.

“We talk about sports (other than cricket) only once in four years and only when there is a quadrennial event. What happens in the other three and a half years? People just forget everyone and things are to back to normal,” said Advani who recently won the World Billiards 150-up format title in his home city of Bengaluru.

“Of course cricket is there—it’s the No 1 sport and I have nothing against it. In fact other federations need to take a leaf out of BCCI on how to run a sport, but I don’t understand the way we perceive sport in India.
“If a person struggles and struggles and fails to win a medal and then finally wins a medal once in four years, we put that above someone who wins world championships regularly, year after year. That needs to change,” he said.