In awe of the Queen

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Dec 2016 10:47:02

Actress Kriti Sanon says her colleague Kangana Ranaut is “very outspoken” and she loves that about her.

Kriti was in Mumbai for the launch of her label Ms. Taken’s three day KISS - Keep It Stylish Sale.
Asked whom she would like to style from the Ms Taken collection, Kriti said, “ Everybody I know I think. I would love to dress them up in Ms Taken line... there are a lot of names, but probably to start of with I think Kangana. I think she is someone who is very outspoken and I love that about her.”
Praising the Queen star, she said Kangana is “someone who has never followed rules and she has her own mind”. “She says what she feels, she is different and she is Ms. Taken (mistaken) sometimes,” she added.
Kriti Sanon also says she likes to dress up for occasions. “Fashion has been something that I have been really into since a very long time. Every girl likes dressing up and I am that kind of a girl who take a little time to dress up. I love to dress up at occasions,” Kriti told IANS.
Kriti Sanon says Bollywood actresses like Kangna Ranaut, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor inspire her a lot in terms of fashion.
“Lot of Bollywood actresses inspire me. I really like the way Deepika dresses. I feel it is important to go out of the box and do something. I love the way Kangna experiments with her looks and fashion. And of course, Sonam Kapoor has a great style.” the actress said.
“Among men, I think there are lots of actors who are fashionable. I particularly like Shah Rukh Khan’s style. He is very laid back and very comfortable with whatever he carries,” said the Heropanti actress. n