ARS saving lives on highways, but also a victim of prank calls

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2016 11:53:15

By Rajan Raikwar,

With an aim to save lives of accident victims on state highways, the Madhya Pradesh Road Development Corporation (MPRDC) has started Accident Response System (ARS). Anyone can inform about the accident by dialling 1099 and victim is rushed to nearest hospital by ambulance. However, like other helplines, ARS too is victim of prank calls.

In comparison to genuine calls, number of prank calls is substantially more. Notwithstanding with the menace posed by pranksters, ARS has been able to provide urgent help to needy victims of road accidents. In the month of December so far, 25 calls were received from sundry parts of the State and victims were rushed to nearest hospitals by ambulance.

As far as prank calls are concerned, then alone in December month, more than 350 calls made on ARS helpline were prank calls. The prank caller gives certain location and when location is traced no accident is found. Along with prank calls, inquiry calls are also received in large number at the control room of ARS helpline.

Informing about the ARS system, Manoj Tiwari (independent engineer for ARS at MPRDC), said that ARS system was started from March 2015.
There are around 100 toll plazas in state and under this project, ambulances with GPS facilities have been installed at toll plaza’s.

When the call of accident is made on 1099 number, call comes to call centre established at MPRDC headquarters. After this, accident site is verified and nearest ambulance is rushed to the spot for victims help. The ambulance takes road accident victim to nearest available hospital.
He informed that to widen the help given under the project, 1099 helpline is being linked up with 108 ambulance services so that more ambulances could be available for help of road accident victims and more lives could be saved. ARS system has been installed by Netherlands Company ARST&TT.

According to sources in ARS wing of MPRDC, total 53,676 calls were received on the helpline of ARS. Out of these, only 187 calls were related to accident cases, rest calls were either made for time pass or were prank calls.
Out of 187 calls, victims were rushed to hospital in 104 cases. In rest 83 cases, victims were injured in minor manner and they themselves left the accident place.

In current year, till November, as many as 40,233 calls were received on ARS helpline and of them, only 235 calls were related to actual accident cases and of them, victims were rushed to hospital in 152 cases.