Shopkeepers, vendors oppose steep hike in rentals by NMC

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 30 Dec 2016 10:30:54

By Ravi Chandpurkar,

THE shopkeepers and otta vendors are up in arms against the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) opposing the steep hike in rentals of ottas and shops in all the 52 NMC-run markets in the city.

According to Notification No. 288 dated July 14, the rentals of ottas and shops had been hiked by as much as 10 times and even 33 times from the existing rentals.
“The Nagpur Municipal Corporation, which is supposed to be the custodian of citizens of Nagpur, has introduced a draconian resolution. Such a steep hike in rentals of ottas and shops is illegal and unwarranted,” said Moiz
Burhani, Secretary of the Mahatma Phule General Welfare Merchants’ Association.

Moiz Burhani said that the shopkeepers of all the NMC markets had approached Vikas Thakre, Leader of the Opposition in NMC to oppose the move and would hold a meeting with the Standing Committee on December 30. He added that as per the agreement between the shopkeepers and the NMC, it had been agreed that there would be increase in rentals of 10 per cent every three years as per Notification No. 232 dated March 21, 1994. During that time Datta Meghe, then Member of Parliament was present.

“The shopkeepers are ready to increase the rentals. But a very steep hike is out of question,” he added. Before introducing the move, the NMC should have taken into consideration the ground realities and slowdown in the economy. “The shopkeepers are being forced to knock the doors of the court and challenge the resolution. The shopkeepers in the Mahatma Phule Market will now have to shell out Rs 12,000 per month compared to Rs 1,200 per month,” Burhani said. The otta vendors, who used to pay between Rs 5 and Rs 10 as rent per day, now would be liable to pay Rs 83 per day.

“Even though the NMC collects rent, it does not make repairs, maintenance and provide basic services for the upkeep of the various markets. Over the years, the shopkeepers have struggled hard for the development of the markets,” he noted.