Go the bohemian way

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Feb 2016 11:20:39


Go the bohemian way


Are you a bohemian at heart but shy of admitting it? Well, throw your inhibitions to the wind and discover the rebel in you thisseason. For ‘boho chic’ is taking the fashion scene by storm. Derived from the term bohemian, boho style of clothing owes its origin to a number of inspirations. It harks back to history like, folk elements, tribal culture, hippie influence, gypsy look and the retro fashion of the 60s-70s.One would also recall vintage sartorial elegance of ladies from the latter half of 19th century, a maverick way of life widely propagated by the cognoscenti living in North Kensington area of London since the mid-50s and much more.

But how does the bohemian wardrobe work for the modern women always on the go? After all, today’s working women often live life out of the suitcases to manage from bedroom to boardroom. And with the trolley luggage, theirsense of fashion tags along too. Be it school-kids, a college-students or office executives, the ‘new millennium’ women are bold as well as carefree to set their own standards .“Boho chic is for those liberated souls who don’t hesitate to experiment with fun patterns and exude a raw, individualistic appeal.

A little bit of eccentricity won’t do much harm if you balance the get-up with a smack of delicate charm,” opines Delhi-based fashion designer Ridhi Arora. No wonder then that unconventional floating long white skirts, baggy pants and flowy dresses grace the cupboard-racks of those individualistic ladies.

Most designers suggest a big yes to lace, crochet, fringes and other embellishments to bohemian’s visible revival. “It’s all about combining the fitted with the lowy,” they stress “Boho doesn’t come with any strings attached. It’s spontaneously beautiful. The style clubs an eclectic cocktail of casuals, 70’s hippie flairs and ethnicity alongside the classic vintage,” says Arora, who emphasises a vivid, happy colour-code asthe true essence of ‘brazen boho beauty’.

The comfort factor, plus natural tones and fabrics hold high in bohemian attires. The idea is to celebrate this footloose and fancyfree side of yours if you wish to take to the bohemian fashion.“Bohemian style is all about letting your natural self shine. So stick to minimal in the makeup department. Stay away from cakey powders or matte finishes, as you don’t want to look overdone. Mostly, bohemian looks include sun-kissed complexions. Therefore embracing a light bronzer would be indeed beneficial. But listen to the alarm bell, lest you tend to go overboard. Foraflawless boho pout, pretty nudes and peach hues are the way to go,” advises Arora.

For hairstyles, she contends that breezy beach waves compliment boho fashion. “To be a boho queen on the street, remember to braid your tresses into a cute ponytail and for that, you must tryabraided crown or a headband to spell out that nonchalant yet majestic chutzpah,” she says. adding “To maintain those rocking soft messy waves, it is imperative to make a note of the products being applied to create and keep the style intact.” Offbeat yet hip, the bohemians can certainly rock the party adding a lot of character to their outfits. Heavy junk jewellery, earthychunky baubles, geometric prints or checks, crinkled embroidery, crushed textiles, tunictops, cross body purses, coin-belts, quirky hair-clips, barrettes, large tinted lenses, widebrimmed hats and othersuch stuff nicely tote up to the basic bohemian fad.

A floppy straw sun hat and oversized sunglasses are chic accessoriesto lift any outfit and give the right feel to it. “A key feature of bohemianism is to defy stereotypes. It is eternally fresh in its approach,” says designer Purvi Doshi from Ahmedabad, “The concept initially took off from the needs of tucking in loose ends of clothes hanging from one’s waist or tying up those wobbly, unfastened garments while working in fields.” She recommends skirts, dresses and drapes of all lengths and uneven cuts for an ideal boho look.

Dabbling in natural colours for sometime, Doshi notes dull greens, deeper blues, mustards, white, grey and black as the predominant palette for boho fashion. While women primarily lead the boho march from the forefront, “boys need not shun the style in vogue either”, she feels. “Guys can charge up their closets with stylish shorts, waistcoats, jackets with some patchwork, trousers with unusual length, width and pockets, bracelets, head-bands, hairslides, doodled tees with funny messages in print, et al.” Checks, squares, candy prints and geometric patterns are also doing the rounds of boho circuit according to the draper. When you know you want to emerge fashion-friendly from tip to toe, then you cannot risk forgetting to shop for the right kind of footwear to suitably accompany your boho dresses. Slouchy distressed booties which are loose around the ankles are perfect for wearing with both shorter skirts and tucked-in skinny jeans says Arora. Clothes and jewellery should be in harmony too.

When it comes to bohemian jewellery, the more unique it is the better. A pair of dangly earrings or oversized hoops or long hanging feathers are some of the coolest options for an immaculate look. A statement necklace is yet another great boosterto an otherwise bland Go the bohemian way o u t f i t .

A l s o , wood and metal bangles always look fabulous and would perhaps never wane on the style-quotient scale,” according to Arora. Arora suggests that “men
should try spending on a classic pair of light-washed jeans with a loose-fitting kaftan styled sweater. They’re masculine but exotic as well.”

Her tips: “Please don’t be afraid of sporting a bold ethnic-inspired print. Let your feet breathe with open-weave wicker shoes or peeptoe leather sandals. Avoid using overly bright chromes. Untucking your shirt, letting a scarf drape loosely around your shoulders, wearing relaxed-cut tailoring, going sockless or even skipping certain steps of your rooming routine - such as shaving - might rather help you cultivate and develop that artfully stubbed, dishevelled look.” Supporting the cause of sustainability, Doshi uses hand-woven materials like khadi and natural cottons with embroidered animal motifs of reindeer, parakeets and flamingoes.