DOESN’T ROCK ( Sanam Re )

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Feb 2016 16:29:33

By Aasawari Shenolikar

“DADU, pyar kya hota hai?” this is a query that a six-year old boy asks his grandfather. After giving him the definition of Pyar, that includes words like ‘ruh’ and ‘soul’, the next question is “Aur mujhe kaise pata chalega ki mujhe pyar ho gayahai?”I have totelly out he answer because that is the crux of the movie, ‘Jab uske ghar ke samne tumhara dil zor zor se dhadkne lagega, tab samajh jana ki tumhe pyar hogaya hai.” The little boy named Akash is also told that he will find his true love about 500 steps away from his home.

It seems that the boy spent all his spare time counting steps 1,2,3,4,5….498,499,500tryingtofindhis true love. Sheentershis lifeandvoila,heproposes marriage, she agrees but only after he’d cut his hair. All this from five-six year olds.

They grow up, wear red pullovers, meet at a picturesque lake, profess their ove and then Akash (Pulkit Samrat) disappears, leaving Shruti (Yami Gautam) cold and shivering beside the lake. Mumbai is his calling, where he gets embroiled in office and faces a boss who quotes ‘Saxspeare’ at the drop of a hat.

Don’t know why, but Akash turns out to a morose guy, who is trying to find happiness.  In a bizarre twist of events, he loses out on a contract, flies off to Canada so that he can get the new owner Mrs. Pablo(Urvashi Rautela) to renew the contract. Mrs. Pablo  turns outto be very sexy, hotlady, who struts around in a bikini in the camp where people come to meditate and practice yoga. At the camp, the mantra at the beginning and end of each session, hosted by Bharti Singh is ‘Baby rocks.’

It is at this camp that Akash also comes across Shruti. For the convenience of the lovers, there is a three-day event that requires a couple to find their way around towns, cities, villages on their own. But obviously, Shruti and Akash are paired and they romp around in picturesque Canada.

At the end of camp, they separate; he doesn’t want to finalise the deal with Urvashi citing, ‘You are my friend, and I don’t do business with friends.’Huh?!! Anyways, she helps him track Shruti; they travel to Leh, so that a song is played in the background, with dream sequences - Urvashi romancing Akash, and Akash, Shruti.

After many clichéd dialogues, and counting of steps when he goes back to his town, he finds Shruti, she shoos him off, but later he learns the reason. She is suffering from a cardiac disease - then prey what was she doing wearing minimal clothing in Canada and romping around like a crazy teenager? She needs immediate heart transplant, but there is no donor.

The filmmakers take cinematic liberties, but director Divya Kumar Khosla has gone many steps further and taken the ‘cinematic liberties’ to new heights.

Akash gives his heart to Shruti, literally, and she realises this when she reaches her hometown and the heart starts beating wildly in her chest. Hah and Huh!! I knew where the story was heading, but I did not walk out like scores of others - youngsters, who had come with stars in their eyes to watch a dil ko choo jaane wali picture.

I did not walk out, because I was busy finishing the sandwich that was far more interesting than what was unfolding on the screen. What is picture perfect in Sanam Re is the cinematography, the breathtaking locales and the good-looking actors.

That they can hardly act should not even be considered here because the nonsensical narrative takes the cake. The narrative moves at a snail’s pace, and the forced songs hamper whatever flow the story tries to encompass. Right at the beginning we have Divya Khosla Kumar strutting her stuffin ‘Humne Pee Rakhi Tai,Galti Honi pakki hai.’

Does it have any connection with the film? None at all. The director suddenly felt an urge to face the camera and she knew that nothing else but an item number will grab more eyeballs than anything else.

Someone should have had the guts to tell her, that this was in bad taste. Anyways, this was just another spoke in a badly written, badly acted movie that does have one good thing - melodious music.

But the audio is far better than the audiovisual. And they talked of the sizzling chemistry between Pulkit and Yami.

Thatis only hype - the couple is as cold as the snow flakes that fall gently on a chiffon sariclad woman and her guy covered head to toe in woollens.

This only reconfirmed my belief in women - they are much much stronger than men in every respect - be it multitasking or standing in minus 13 with a sheer dress and looking happy and lovey dovey. Sorry Divya, no one rocks in this film that is at its best -cringeworthy!

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