Consult a dietitian - Get ‘Fooducated’!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2017 10:11:20

Principal Correspondent,

The exercise if not supported by proper and timely diet then it affects the health of human being. The role of dietician, nutritionist has increased in our day to day life. So, everybody should consult his or her dietician to get themselves educated of diet.

Indian Dietetic Association, celebrates Dietetic’s Day all over India since last 2 years.
Indian Dietetic Association, ( IDA) is a renowned scientific association. Elaborating on dietitian and nutritionist Dr Rita Bhargava, President of Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) said, “Dietitian is person with a qualification in nutrition and dietetics, recognized by national authority; applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of individuals or groups in health and disease. Nutritionist is a person with a qualification in nutrition from an accredited college.”

Secretary of IDA Kavita Bakshi pointed out, “Start your day with a healthy breakfast , a combination of cereal , pulse or dairy, fruits and nuts. Let breakfast be a heavy balanced meal to energise you for the entire day. Its important to have a midmorning , evening light snack be it a fruit or few nuts or dates, a lighter lunch which should incorporate chapati, vegetables, pulses and salads along with curds . Dinner should be the lightest of all the meals. Indian vegetarian diets are lacking in proteins, incorporate one protein source in your main meals like dals,sprouts, legumes, milk, curd, paneer, soya, nuts. Maximize your daily vegetable and fruit intake. Minimize intake of sugar, salt, fat and oils. Drink atleast 10-12 glasses of water daily.” According to Kavita Gupta wellness and healthy lifestyle are interconnected. A good dietary practice with regular exercise i.e a holistic approach would prevent lifestyle diseases like diabetes,obesity, heart diseases in future. Why wait for this to happen , why not consult a Dietitan for prevention?, asks Kavita Gupta.

Dr Bhargava warns on rampant eating of junk food. She said, “Eating junk foods on regular basis and sedentary lifestyle in children is rampant which leads to early onset of childhood obesity which can be prevented by traditional foods like sprouts, idli, chila, vegetable paratha, poha chana, vegetable upma, butter milk, lemonade, etc along with outdoor games. School and college canteens must provide healthy snacks for children instead of fast foods like pizza, burger, noodles, cold drinks. Teaching institutes must appoint a dietitian on their panel for meal planning.”

Similarly corporate offices and industries should be ‘fooducated’ for wellness and healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow. Regular health checkups, know your BMI, diet and nutrition awareness programmes must be promoted.

Bakshi said, “Stack your home, your fridge by healthy foods .If you keep good food in Stack your home, your fridge by healthy foods .If you keep good food in your fridge you will tend to eat healthy. Resolution for 2017 - Eat right, Eat healthy, Eat fresh , say No to junk and street foods. Lets healthify India by fooducating ourselves the right way.”

IDA conducted a workshop at Juvenile Diabetic Parents Association on January 8 at Sahas camp Wadgaon. Many members participated in the workshop.