Govt schools deprived of basic amenities

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2017 11:48:16

By Shashi Mishra,

The State Government is initiating efforts to provide all basic facilities for elementary education in all the Government schools, so that, students get education in good atmosphere. Despite these efforts, various Government schools are still deprived of basic amenities.
Primary School, Bhulan is one of the Government schools located 10 kilometre away from the city, is deprived of basic facilities. Around 100 students have registered in this primary school. All these children belong to weaker family. Their parents are not educated and engaged in labour work, and even they have no concern for education of their wards. Despite this, these kids are going to schools for getting primary education. This school building has only two rooms, where classes from 1st to 5th are running in this school. It is very difficult for teachers also to manage all these classes together in same room.

Along with this, lack of boundary wall is also the biggest problem for safety of students. The railway track is located in front of school, and heavy vehicles are also moving from this road. During sports period or lunch period, all the students play in the open space of school, that is not safe for students due to lack of boundary wall. While, anti-social elements of the areas also enter in the campus of school in the night and use this place for drinking purpose. When teachers and students arrive in the school in the morning, they see the liquor bottles spread in the campus. Everyday, they have to removed these bottles.

Proper sanitation facility is also not made available in the school. One handpump has been installed in the school campus, that is used by public. Due to this, water releasing from handpump, spreads in the areas and campus turns into a pathetic condition. This Government primary school needs more attention from Government, so that, children belonging to poor families could get better facilities in the school and can continue their studies. Few days ago, a social organisation donated benches to the schools. Rashmi Gupta, teacher, said that lack of boundary wall in the school is the biggest problem. There is no security for students in the school. Railway track is located in front of school. This is very dangerous for students. We have to keep our eyes over student’s activities, while they are playing outside of school. Along with this, we need additional rooms for running classes because it is very difficult to run classes in two rooms.

Shankuntala Kosthi, Head of school, said that Government should pay more attention towards basic amenities in the Government schools. Proper facility of toilets should be made, proper space should be provided for playing to students, so that, strength of students would also increase in Government schools.