Play ‘Savitri’ staged at Shaheed Bhawan

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2017 12:09:18

Staff Reporter,

Trikarshi, theatre group staged a play ‘Savitri’ at Shaheed Bhawan, on Monday. Written by Devesh Sharma and directed by K G Trivedi, senior theatre artist, was a watch worthy play giving a message to the society. It is relevant to the contemporary society where atrocities upon women are becoming a routine happenings. The play was centred upon Savitri Bai’s personality and her works.

K G Trivedi, said he selected this play to stage as he had hurt from incidents of women harassments, atrocities upon them, molestation, rape and other such unacceptable incidents to an educated society. Savirti Bai had born and nurtured in a lower caste family, she was married at the age of just 9 when children play. But she continued reforming society and struggling for the respect of women.

Story of the play in brief had focused on women, their birth in family was considered as a curse. Women did not have rights equal to men in society, they were always become obedient of men on every issue. In play, Savitri Bai’s life was shown from childhood to his death, how she grew, worked and fought to have a respectable status of women. She succeeded in many senses in her works appreciated. Even the women remembered Savitri Bai today.

In some scenes, Savitri Bai asked women to be educated to get rights equaling to men in society if they wanted to lead a respectable life. Savitri Bai was first such women in slave India fought against the old customs and traditions. Scenes when her husband supported her well in her works were impressive. She was born on January 3, 1831 and died on March 10, 1897. But our society still remembered her personality and works.

K G Trivedi’s direction was good from beginning to end. Sonam Upadhya, Anta Dabhare, Rohit Batham, Adarsh Sharma, Akansha Ojha, Devesh Jha, Ramesh Ahire, Rashmi Acharya, Vivek Kahar and Priyesh Pal acted well in their roles. Music, costume designing, makeup and lightings all were good.