Present the accussed before public, demand people to police

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Jan 2017 11:10:47

Staff Reporter,


Jan 9,

Murder case of a youth Dhaneshwar Sahu at Urla took a political colour, when hundreds of angry people sat on demonstration, demanding police to bring the accused youths in front of them and also release the names of two minors involved in the act, on Monday.

Ever since the body of Dhaneshwar Sahu was recovered and it was confirmed that he was murdered, tension was simmering at Birgaon. When Police finally cracked the murder mystery with the arrest of four accused youths including two minors, emotionally charged up crowd led by deceased youth’s grandfather Alderman Pardesi Ram Sahu began demonstration in front of Dhaneshwar’s home on Monday morning.

Furious villagers demanded police to bring the accused youths to them so as they could deliver the justice themselves. They also asked police release the names of two minor youths so as they