Bharat Bhawan’s dream of Kalagram, still a dream

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2017 12:36:51

By Arun Kumar,

Asia fame multi arts complex Bharat Bhawan, founded in 1982, has been facing shortage of space due to increasing objects in the last more than 33 years.
It had seen a dream of “Kalagram” in which all art works stored there were to be displayed, but the Kalagram could not be shaped due to no allotment of land lying vacant near this arts complex . Many letters are said to have been written to the Government for the allotment of land adjoining Bharat Bhawan, but it has not yet been allotted. Until the land is allotted, the Bhawan cannot complete its dream of Kalagram.

Bharat Bhawan is said to have had planned elaborately for the Kalagram and it will be seen as Bhawan’s extension. With this Kalagram , Bhawan will be seen as the biggest arts complex, a place of various activities. Proposal of building Kalagram is not new. It is for the last about seven years or more.

Present space is too short due to which the Bhawan authorities could not display all paintings and sculptures.
Besides, the art works of national, international and state level artists of the country are stored as it has no space.
Earlier, Bhawan authorities had started work to make an open gallery for permanently exhibiting sculptures, but later, it could not be done as it needed some money.
Bhawan did not get adequate budget so this proposal was also kept pending for years. However, due to retirement of employees and officers in the last few years, the Bhawan’s budget is saved more. Besides, the budget for programmes has been increased but not for the activities other than programmes.

Sources said, completing dream of Kalagram will take some years as Culture Department officers appeared to have no interest in land allotment and building Kalagram. It might be the reason why no more artist camps are organised or purchase paintings and sculptures from the artists as was done about ten years ago. “If there is no proper space for display or storage, why we should purchase costly art pieces from the painters and sculptors,” said a senior employee of Bharat Bhawan.
It is also learnt that about three years ago, many paintings of this arts complex were damaged due to rain water sneaking from back side. Any how, the paintings were saved from damage, some were given chemical treatment.

When contacted, Premshankar Shukla, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), said the land was not allotted by the Government for Kalagram. When we have land, we will think to build Kalagram, he said.