Professionals join hands to make winter warm for roadside dwellers

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Jan 2017 12:43:47

By Pallavi Singh,

The first step towards making a change on the society starts from an individual. The moment a person decides to put his heart and soul to a social cause, change starts leaving its imprints. There are people in the society who leave no stone unturned to bring happiness to the life of others. One such group of seven friends started a venture to help poor in Bhopal. With the purpose of helping the underprivileged and poor roadside dwellers without a roof on their head, this group ‘Ek Kadam’ started the campaign ‘Ek Kambal, Ek Zindagi’, to make winter warm for these people. This group collects blankets from people in the city and distributes them to the people sleeping on roadsides. The group which now has 20 odd members consisting of students, doctors, bankers and professionals from other areas started the distribution of blankets from December, 2016. The members have distributed as many as 200 blankets in different areas of the city. One of the core members of the group, who maintained anonymity, as the group members do not want any sort of publicity individually said, “We start by doing survey of different areas of the city. Post this; we decide a particular area for distribution of blankets. We collect blankets from houses and corporate firms and distribute them to roadside dwellers. We generally carry out the activity during night, when people sleep. The moment we collect 20 blankets we go for distribution.”This is a seasonal campaign which will last till January end. The group distributes blankets two times a week in different areas. The group’s facebook page with the name ‘Ek Kadam Welfare Society-Bhopal’ has got more than 650 likes and the followers are increasing real fast.

The group also puts the picture of blanket donors on their facebook page as a thank you gesture. “We have given a platform to people who want to work for the society. Here nobody is the leader and whosoever comes with a new idea leads the campaign. We are planning to start free English classes for underprivileged children very soon. Road safety and clean and green Bhopal are in the list of our core missions. We are getting more and more requests from people who want to join in and they are welcome,” said a group member.