Beware walkers! 92 pedestrians killed in city in road accidents in 2016

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jan 2017 10:48:35

By Dheeraj Fartode,

Non-availability of footpaths responsible for high casualties

141 two-wheeler riders killed in road accidents

Non-usage of footpaths on part of citizens is proving to be dangerous for pedestrians who are proving to be sitting ducks for rash drivers. Statistics compiled by city police reveals a gloomy picture for walkers in second capital of State. From about 310 persons killed in road accident in year 2016, 92 fatalities involved pedestrians. Means, lives of 92 persons could have been saved had they been walking on the footpath. Or simply said, persons walking down the road are always prone to accidents as they are directly in the line of fire.
While on police records these fatalities might be attributed to rash and reckless driving, but the fact is these pedestrians were walking on the carriageway. They had no right to be on the road meant for vehicles. That's why footpaths are constructed alongside carriageway to ensure walkers should not stray onto carriageway.

However having said that, one cannot turn a blind eye to reality that pedestrians are literally forced to abandon footpaths. Many of the walk ways are not in symmetry, also they are not evenly laid out where pedestrian can walk with ease. After every few metres the footpath are abruptly broken to provide for space near the entry gates of houses or offices and this is prime reason people straying onto carriageway and ending up as scapegoat for fault of city planners. Along the major roads, the footpaths are simply disappeared owing to skewed design and uneven usage of space. The example of Wardha Road would suffice to showcase how footpath in city are not meant for walkers. From Ajni Square till Jhansi Rani Square, the footpath does not have even line and some places it is simply missing or gobbled-up by influential persons.

Another reason for people not adapting to usage of footpaths is presence of hawkers and all sundry vendors on the pathway meant for walkers. City administration turns a blind eye to this willful misuse of the facility meant for people for reasons best known to them.
People too are to be blamed as they have failed to develop habit of sticking to footpath while using the roads.

Civic administration needs to learn a lesson from above statistics and make the footpaths encroachment free so that any citizen can freely walk on them.

As per the statistics of Traffic Control Branch of Nagpur City, total 310 persons were killed in road accidents in year 2016.

Another alarming trend is that as many as 141 two-wheeler riders were killed in road accidents in year 2016. None of the motorcyclist was wearing the helmet.