St Montfort School’s 9 Scouts, 7 Guides take part in 17th National Jamboori at Mysuru

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Jan 2017 11:44:59

Staff Reporter,

St Montfort School, Bhopal 9 Scout, 7 Guide and Guider Abhilasha Mishra and Scouter Sanju Mewade took part in 17th National Jamboori Mysuru, Karnataka Camp organised December 29, 2016 to January 4, 2017.

The Bharat Scout and Guide organized this 17th National Jamboori Mysuru, Karnataka Camp. 52 states of India along with Railways, KVS, NVS, Scout and Guide, Rover and Ranger and Scouter, Guider had taken part in this camp.
Along with Indians, candidates from Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Thailand had taken part in this Camp. Over all 46,000 candidates were there in the camp.

Total 550 Scout and Guides were there from state and St. Montfort School, Bhopal also took part. Opening ceremony of the camp was held on December 29 by President of India Pranav Mukherjee along with Governor Vajubhai RudabhaiVala and Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah and Chief National commissioner BI Nagarale.

During this camp, candidates from Madhya Pradesh participated in colour party, march past, flying kite, camp craft, pioneering project, exhibition, food plaza, painting, handicraft, esklororama, physical display, folk dance, camp fire, pageant show etc. in which they awarded ‘A’ grade colour party, physical display, folk dance, pageant show, camp craft, camp fire, food plaza, pioneering project.
Scout and Guide of St. Montfort School Bhopal took part in colour party, march past, camp craft, pageant show, food plaza, exhibition, camp fire and they were given certificate for WAGGS, WOSM and MOP and in adventures activities.