Cong protests against demonetisation, hike in fuel prices

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2017 10:13:40

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Jan 2,

Congress Party has launched an all out attack on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led Government at both Centre and Chhattisgarh on issues like against the demonetization and fuel prices hike.
CPCC Spokesperson Manish Dayal cited the ordeal of vegetable growers, who are compelled on giving away their harvest for free while the State Government is boasting about completion of 13 years. Nation is battling economic crisis because of demonetization.

Tons of tomatoes were thrown on the road as State Government failed to help them export the vegetable to neighbouring nations like Bangladesh, Nepal and Burma. This oppressive policy has now forced them to give away the vegetables for free.

CPCC offshoot Unorganized Labourer Cell State President Saddam Solanki attempted to burn the effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but failed. Kisaan Congress members also dumped a motorcycle into Budhatalab. Kisaan Congress President Chandrashekhar Shukla, Raipur City President Vikas Upadhyay, Minority Cell Chairman Sharique Raees Khan and others were staged demonstration at Budhatalab. State Convener Anil Sharma, in a press conference, termed the demonetization as an insensitive and unrealistic decision, which shows that BJP top guns are completely aloof of the ground reality.

Government made a decision against system on the pretext of democracy. Central Government has failed to bring back black money stacked in foreign banks. Whenever people ask them about the election promises, they start making religious issues. It hasn’t been cleared how much black money has recovered yet from the demonetization. People still don’t know when the ATMs will begin functioning normally. Farmers and labourers have incurred heavy losses during the 50 days of demonetization whereas Toll Plaza operators suffered a loss of Rs 922 crores. Members of Mahila Congress will protest against demonetization on January 8.

CPCC Spokesperson Raju Tiwari said that vegetable growers are in dire strait due to bad policies of State Govt. Conditions are so bad that they are compelled to throw away their produces or give away them free. Congress showed the mirror to State Government by giving away 1 lakh kgs of vegetables free of cost at Budhatalab. The production of vegetables has jumped from 11.46 lakhs metric tons to 42.40 lakh metric tons since the foundation of state, but Government has no concern about providing safe storage facilities for the vegetables.