Jila Panchayat to educate rural masses about cashless transaction

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 03 Jan 2017 12:29:29

By Shashi Mishra,

The digital payment, e-banking, e-transaction, mobile banking all these words and services are completely new for rural masses. Even, earlier number of villagers, who resided in interior parts of rural areas did not hear about digital payment or e-banking. Various villagers never stepped into banks or ATM. For such villagers, this digital payment is like new thing. To solve this problem of rural people and make villagers aware of cashless transaction, the rural administration, Jila Panchayat would spread awareness programme and educate people towards digital payment. Banks have also been instructed to distribute Rupay Card to villagers. Through this Rupay card, villagers can execute digital payments.

After demonetisation, the Union Government is promoting digital payment, e-banking, mobile banking and other e-transaction. Government has also issued order to rural administration to spread awareness about using digital payment and e-banking services. To educate everyone on digital payment, so that every villager would know about these new e-services and villages would be made as cashless transaction villages.
With this aim, Jila Panchayat, Jabalpur is also executing work for educating people of rural areas and motivating them to start digital payment. Along with this, officers and employees are also informing rural people about importance of digital payment and how it’s beneficial for them.

As per the information, Jila Panchayat has selected five panchayats in first stage for introducing cashless transaction. The concerned officers and employees of Jila Panchayat conducting awareness programme.

Along with this, Jila Panchayat will also face the challenge of providing information and education to uneducated people about digital payment and e-banking. To solve this problem, Jila Panchayat has decided to educate five educated youth of the particular villages. Then, these five educated youths would interact with other villagers and inform them about the whole process of digital payment and e-banking. It is very tough to educate each and every person of gram panchayat and this will also take additional time. Soon, various awareness programmes would be conducted in all gram panchayats and people would be educated about importance of digital payment.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jila Panchayat, Harshika Singh said that this is the ambitious programme of Government of India and Prime Minister of India, to make villages as cashless transaction villages. Where, everyone should use digital payment and extend their contribution for the development of nation.

With this aim, the works for making villages as cashless transaction have started in various gram panchayats of Janpad. Where, education programmes are being conducted and educated youth would be educated about digital payment. Soon, this programme would also succeed like other programmes of Government. Rural people should coordinate and extend their support for learning this new digital payment.