Musical ‘Jab Chali Thandi Hava’ provided pleasant listening

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 05 Jan 2017 10:00:39

Staff Reporter,

Musical ‘Jab Chali Thandi Hava’ made pleasent listening, and artists, all amateurs, did a fine job in rendering some of the old Bollywood classics, that saw today’s elders grow, from
schools to, colleges, and beyond humming these great hits. Act of mobile phones led to songs being hummed and sung more regularly.

Total 21 songs were selected for the programme, which had solos, duets that made the environment more nostalgic. Based on Pahadi Ragas, Swarved had staged the programme in memory of late Madhukar Kartarkar at Sai Sabhagruha on Wednesday.

The programme began, quite rightly with a song rendered by Suchitra Katarkar Thandi Havaye which was quite tuneful. Then followed songs such as Ye Raten Ye Mausam, a vintage Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle rendered by Rucha Yenurkar and Vijay Deshpande.

Rucha did not sing in her original open voice and tried to mimic while Vijay was full throated and melodious. He has been consistent with his singing and harmonium playing in all the programmes in which he participates. It is a pleasure to listen to him. Padmaja Sinha’s “Sunri pawan” was also high pitched and shaky , yet made good listening. “Song Yeh Vadia, Yeh Fizaye” sung by Apurva Masodkar was tolerable. The title song rendered by Ashwini Lule was good, though she did miss a beat and yet got a Once more.
Other singers were Amol Kulkarni who rendered “Thandi hava Yeh Chandani Suhani” and Pratiksha Pattalwar who rendered a duet with Vijay Deshpande titled “Husna Pahado Ka”.

Selection of songs was good. Refinement in presentation
was somehow lacking. Musicians had to cover a lot of ground to give adequate cover to the several slip ups.
Ravi Satfale on tabla, Gaurav Tanksale on Guitar,Pavan Manwatkar on Synthesiser, Uday Rajkarne on Dholak, Mahendra Wakudkar on Octopad and Ujwala Gokarna on Minor were superb in their accompaniment. Shweta Shelgaonkar, added some poetic warmth to the cool breeze making the environment soothing with her anchoring.