‘Carving out Vidarbha state is only solution to region’s devpt’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2017 10:21:03

Staff Reporter,

The state of Vidarbha will be formed and is a writing on the wall. Let there be session of the state legislature or not in Nagpur, for eight weeks or two weeks. It has no meaning and is an eyewash, said retired Supreme Court Judge Vikas Sirpurkar.

Sirpurkar was speaking as chief guest during the seminar on ‘Whether importance of Winter Session of State Legislature is being lowered’, organised by Tilak Patrakar Bhavan Trust and Vidarbha Rajya Aghadi, on Thursday. Chairman of the Trust Pradeep Maitra presided over. Ex Vice-Chancellor of Nagpur University Haribhau Kedar, Janmanch Chief Adv Anil Kilor, former Police Commissioner PKB Chakravorty, Adv Mukesh Samarth, journalist Suresh Bhusari, Shrikant Taral were the speakers.

Sirpurkar said that better development could be seen in smaller states. Uttaranchal, Chhatisgarh, and Jharkhand were formed when BJP was in power. Why not Vidarbha? Neither the politicians nor the people of Vidarbha realised and emphasised the importance of session in Nagpur. It is only a picnic for the politicians and a large number of Government employees. It may be a condition of Nagpur Pact. But where is the original copy of the document?, he asked.

Sirpurkar lamented those labelling people of Vidarbha as lazy and said that the region has given doyan of green revolution Vasantrao Naik, Dadasaheb Kannamwar, Sudhakar Naik, and now Devendra Fadnavis.
Shiv Sena grew by abusing South Indians and North Indians. If the party is unable to tolerate them, why such an intolerance is not shown for injustice caused to Vidarbha.

Afforming his belief that Vidarbha state will be formed, Sirpurkar said that we will have to change ourselves. By flouting laws we are causing damage to our own nation. He also lamented those who opposed compulsion of recital of the National Anthem in cinema halls and standing in its respect. The persons elected by us must become aggressive and fight for the cause of Vidarbha, he remarked.

In his brief presidential address Pradeep Maitra said that carving out Vidarbha state is the only solution to the region’s development. The region has happily accommodated people from different communities and language and is not actually Marathi speaking region except Deulgaon Raja and Sindhkhed Raja. Quotin exaplme of Chhattisgarh, wher he worked for about five years, Maitra said that it is now considered a model state, so far as development is concerned. The people including the journalists from Western maharashtra are biased against people of Vidarbha.

PKB Chakravorty stated that the original copy of Nagpur Pact has been intentionally concealed, as there is no representaive of Marathwada among the signatory. The name of Devakinandan projected as Marathwada region, is an unknown person. The winter session is held only to divert funds from here. A rough calculation indicates that about Rs 1 lakh crore has been diverted from Vidarbha, from 1960 to 2015. He also stated that Nagpur Pact has not been given Constitutional status and was only meant for political benefits of Congress party. He also labelled winter session here as an eyewash.

Chakravorty appealed to the people of the region to be prepared for 2019 elections, if BJP fails to fulfil the assurance by then. Haribhau Kedar also called Nagpur Pact a political move. Vidarbha accepted Pt Jawaharlal Nehur’s appeal to be a part of Maharashtra.
Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had stated that the Nagpur Pact is worth throwing in a dustbin. Yashvantrao Chavan also had assured that he will break the state, if injustice is caused to Vidarbha. The Pact was signed only to exploit rich resourceful Vidarbha for development of rest of Maharashtra.

Dandekar Committee had stated that 85% of the budgetary allocation should be for Vidarbha, for removal of backlog in five years. However, this was never done. The situation now is different, but injustice to the region continues, good people are being exploited. He also supported the demand of separate Vidarbha.

Suresh Bhyusari said that the 11 conditions in Nagpur Pact should have been implemented. Only holding a session here will not suffice. If all 11 conditions are fulfilled development of the region is possible. For this the Pact will have to be given the Constitutional status.
Adv Kilor said Mohammad Toghlak when shifted his capital from Delhi to Daulatabad, he was called mad ruler. Now Maharashtra is shifting capital every year from Mumbai to Nagpur. He called winter session as ‘Tamasha’, which should be stopped. People voted BJP to power as it had assured formation of Vidarbha state. But even BJP is playing with the emotions of the people from this region.

Mukesh Samarth said the people still have faith and maintaining silence. There is no meaning to the winter session in Nagpur. Only separate Vidarbha is the solution to the problem.

Shrikant Taral emphasised the need for bring all pro-Vidarbha organisations together. The municipal council results in favour of BJP indicate that people waiting for 2019, when fresh elections will be held.
Earlier Anil Jawade made introductory remarks. Adv Neeraj Khandewale conducted the proceedings of the programme.