Bank issues ‘genuine’ Rs 2000 notes without Gandhi image to farmer

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2017 08:27:21


Jan 5,


The bank clarified that there might have been a printing error

A FARMER in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district was shocked to receive Rs 2,000 currency notes without the image of Mahatma Gandhi from a branch of a public sector bank.

Laxman Meena, a farmer from Bichchhugawadi village, received three notes of Rs 2,000 when he withdrew money from the bank’s branch at Baroda town in Sheopur.

“I was given three notes of Rs 2,000 on withdrawal from my account on Tuesday (January 3). I later found that there was no image of Mahatma Gandhi on those,” Meena told PTI over phone on Thursday.

“I was in the market when I discovered that there was no picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the notes. I then went to the bank and showed it to the manager,” he said.
Meena said the branch manager told him to deposit those notes.

“Initially, the manger told me that I must have examined the notes on receiving them. Later, he, however, told me to deposit the notes and get them replaced,” the farmer said.
The bank manager also clarified to him that the currency was genuine and there might have been a printing error.
Meena said the bank replaced the notes on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, the in-charge branch manager of the bank told PTI over phone that he has sent the information to the lead bank manager of the district.
“I have nothing more to say. I have already submitted the information in this regard to the lead bank manager,” he said.