Lack of basic civic amenities make life hard in Azad Nagar of Ward No 56

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2017 11:39:03

By R K Panthari,

More than 1,000 citizens living in Pakshi Vihar, Azad Nagar locality under Ward No 56 of Berkhera Pathani are living in such a condition where there is no drainage system, no water supply from Narmada project and heaps of garbage are lying at different places on the streets as the sanitation workers do not lift garbage for several days. The locals also complained that there is no street light facility in the locality due to which they have to face darkness at night.

The local residents said that the thieves took away water supply pipeline of the houses. There is routine cleanliness schedule in the locality and people have to face hazardous condition as water stagnates in the open plots. Heaps of garbage are lying roadside because sanitation workers clean the main roads only.

A local resident Usha said, “The area is facing lack of civic amenities as there is no sewage system, no dustbin for garbage disposal, moreover there is no streetlight facility in different blocks of the locality. The sanitary workers come to collect garbage from door to door, but there is no dustbin. Chocked drains are not cleaned which causes unhygienic condition as water gets stagnate and overflows on the street. Since the roads have been constructed the water from the bathrooms of most of the houses spreads on the roads because of the chocked drainages.

Praveen Minj also said, “The public representatives should pay special attention on slum areas because there is no sewage line, no dustbin and when the sanitation workers do not come to clean the drainages and streets then the situation becomes hazardous. People of the area do not have facility of proper disposal of garbage, street lights, water supply through Narmada Project even after having pipeline connections. Municipal corporation should provide such basic amenities to every citizen.
Shyam Sonone said, “We are living here for last 15 years but the process of providing civic amenities is very slow.” We are living here without street light facility, without potable water supply through Narmada Water Project.

Ganesh Pandey complained, “A lot of problems related to civic amenities are being faced by the local residents even after paying taxes.” The streets and drains are cleaned during festivals or other special occasions but it should be on routine basis.”
Akhilesh Vishwakarma of Pakshi Vihar said, “Area needs proper drainage system, water supply, street lights and proper cleaning of streets.” He said there is hazardous condition due to stagnant water in unoccupied plots in the locality.