Maharana Pratap sacrificed his life to protect ‘Dharma’: Bharatbuwa Ramdasi

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 06 Jan 2017 10:23:26

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Five-day Rashtra Dharma Kirtan Mahotsav inaugurated at Chitnis Park Stadium

In a very effective manner, Ramdasi presented diferent events in the life of Maharana Pratap in Uttar Ranga

Maharana Pratap was one of the strongest warriors India has ever seen. He sacrificed his life to protect ‘Dharma’. He gave prime importance to ‘Dharma’ than enjoying kingdom. Pratap had earned the position as God in the heart of every Indian, said Rashtriya Kirtankar, Bharatbuwa Ramdasi from Beed on Thursday.

Ramdasi was delivering the first kirtan of five-day Rashtra Dharma Kirtan Mahotsav organised by Rashtra-Dharma Kirtan Mahotsav Organising Committee and Radha Govind Charitable Trust at Pandit Bachchraj Vyas Kirtan Parisar at Chitnis Park Stadium, Mahal.
In a very effective manner, Ramdasi presented different events in the life of Maharana Pratap in Uttar Ranga. He was known as a person of strong character, brave and chivalrous. His kind heartedness and just decision making won the hearts of even his enemies. He was the only ruler of India that did not give in to the Mughal rule, and for that he became the most celebrated ruler of the country to this day, Buwa said.

In Purvaranga, Bharatbuwa Ramdasi selected abhang of Sant Tukaram as ‘Aata Tari Pudhe, Hachi Upadesh; Naka Karu Naash, Ayushyacha’. Through the abhanga, Buwa explained the ultimate goal of life of a person. A person who follows ‘Dharma’ could reach upto the position of God. Each one taking birth as a human should realise his own duties. The life of a human is like a laboratory to carry the methods of purification of body, mind and soul, he added.Sant Tukaram Maharaj through the abhang had made people aware about purpose in life. A person having virtuous conduct, following own duties with righteous way should be worshipped by others. The science of knowing Almighty could be studied in human life, Buwa stated.

The five day festival was inaugurated at the hands of Jitendranath Maharaj.
Maharaj stated that ‘Kirtan Mahotsav’ has been the process of awakening inner-self. He explained different between ‘Kranti’ (revolution) and ‘Utkranti’ (evolution). A person became revolutionary when he could not tolerate attacks on ‘Dev, Desh and Dharma.’ He said that both revolution and evolution were needed to protect nation.
Prominent among those present were MLC Girish Vyas, Shridhar Gadge, Ashadevi Vyas, Shripad Risaldar, Diganbarbuwa Naik, Vaijayanti Bapat, Krishnarao Waghmare, Mahesh Zade Patil and others.

Shridhar Korde (Mrudung/Tabla), Dhanraj Yawalkar (Harmonium), Nasir Khan (Satar) and Shirish Bhalerao (Violin) supported on musical instruments. Smita Khangai conducted the proceedings.