Artists of Rachana Institute begin public awareness campaign

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2017 10:33:22

Staff Reporter,

THE artists of Rachana Institute have started public awareness campaign on instructions of World Vision India in 52 villages.

All kind of addictions are causes of destruction, disintegration of families. Men meet unceremonious death due to the addiction of drugs liquor. Many diseases like cancer, asthama, TB, AIDS are caused due to addiction of drugs and narcotics. We exploit our money for joy of a few moments then spend many fold higher amount over the treatment of diseases caused by addictions. The money spent on addictions must be better utilised in educating the children and their food nourishment. As human body wants nutritious elements rather than addicting agents. Artists of Rachana also staged Nukkad plays and organised public awareness campaign with the help of lyrics.

The artists of World Vision India Manager, all the CDC village’s activists and artists of Rachana Sanjay Pandey, Arvind Saini, Harshit Jha, Vinay, Pooja, Sarika, Shraddha, Triveni, Pratima and others contributed in successful organisation of the programme.