Music lovers look forward to Dr Hari Verma’s live performance

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 08 Jan 2017 10:37:34

Staff Reporter,

“IT IS an opportunity for art lovers to witness noted classical singer Dr Hari Charan Verma perform live in the city at Shaheed Smarak auditorium from 5.45 pm onwards on Sunday. Dr Verma is a distinguished vocalist, musicologist and an eminent broadcaster of India. Versatility is God’s gift and this is manifested in Dr Verma’s ability in a single session to traverse fields of deep music and changing to Thumri Dadra on the request of audience,” informed Director of Prestige Hyundai Shachin Shelat, while addressing a press conference on Saturday.

Addressing the press conference, Ajay Dhagat informed that Dr Verma has beautifully combined the two Gharanas, which has developed a style of his own in which traditions of Indian classical music is scrupulously observed with an incessant flow of melody, ornamentation, variation and traditional improvisation of Ragas.

His listeners enjoy mastery over lay and his lively presentation of Damdaar Taan maintaining tradition of his Gharanas. Dr Verma takes on a manifestly new mode with his bhajans literally enveloped in divinity with his mellifluous voice. He was associated with Indian Culture Centre, Georgetown, Guyana from 1984 to 1987 to teach Indian classical music through Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Most noteworthy achievement is naming of a street
‘Verma Street’ by residents of Black Bush Polder, Corentone, Berbice Guyana, South America, whom he thrilled to the core. Dr Verma is one of those few Indians who are felicitated with the title ‘Sangeet Martand’ abroad at Georgetown.

Dr Hari Charan Verma is one of the few artists of India who has mastery over classical and light vocal and that is why he is an approved grade ‘A’ artist in Indian classical and light vocal of AIR and Doordarshan. Sachin Shelat, Ajay Dhagat, Stuti Shelat and others have made an appeal to the residents to be present during the programme in large numbers.