Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Oct 2017 11:49:15

MOVING the base of UAVs to Naxal hotspot Bastar makes strategically eminent sense. If the epicentre of Maoist activity is located around Bastar in Chhattisgarh and another hot spot is located just across the border of the State, Jharkhand and Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, security assets have necessarily to be located in close proximity of these spots and Bastar presents an ideal location.

UAVs are very handy tools in the command of the security forces operating in Maoist infested areas of the country for gathering intelligence and mounting aerial surveillance. The UAVs thus give an added advantage to the ground forces for conducting operations in remote and densely forested inaccessible regions.

In similar strategic exercise, the Government had shifted the CRPF’s central zone from Kolkata to Raipur after the deadly attack on the force some moths ago. These changes are necessary for mounting quick response to any Naxalite activity. These have to be located in the vicinity of where encounter with the outlaws is a daily affair.


RAILWAY Minister Mr. Piyush Goyal deserves kudos for putting an end to the ‘VIP culture’ which mandated presence of General Managers to receive and see off Railway Board Chairman during his zonal visits, besides ordering the staff deputed at senior officers’ bungalows as domestic help, to report to work.

By doing so, Mr. Goyal has, in one stroke, put staggering 30,000 workers on the job where they are needed most-for the upkeep of tracks. This kind of optimum utilisation of workforce was utterly necessary. Because, on one hand, the railways is facing shortage of manpower to better their services and, on the other hand, thousands of workers were deployed to do the errands at the homes of senior officers at the cost of the State exchequer! Similarly, precious time of the General Managers would be utilised for productive work, as they are no longer required to receive and see off their boss. Mr. Goyal should go a step further and put an end to all the wasteful expenditures also. Prudent management practices are necessary to improve the Railways.