NMC to develop six 24x7 shelters for urban homeless

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Oct 2017 09:19:19


By Manish Soni,

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) will develop six 24 x7 shelters in the city for the urban homeless as per the directions of the Supreme Court. These shelter homes will be coming up at Buti Kanya School, beneath bridge in front of Ganesh Mandir, Tekadi, Guru Ghasidas, Samaj Bhavan, Sakharvadi, NMC Library at Indora, Nara Road and temporary shed at Secondary School in Hansapuri.

Dr. Ranjana Lade, Deputy Commissioner of NMC while talking to The Hitavada said, “ Around 250 persons can live in these shelters including women, gents, children, senior citizens. They will get free meal, hot water, and bed to sleep. The civic body will install CCTVs to keep watch on the activities of these night shelters. The NMC will also give skill training to suitable persons to earn livelihood. The doctors will also be arranged to treatment inmates. It is the resposibility of the operators to maintain these shelters, and we hope that not a single person should sleep on the road.”

The Urban Homeless are among the most vulnerable populations in the country, forced to lead brutalized lives without dignity. Homeless people are invisible in the public policy, even though they are visible every single day to policy makers as they drive on city streets. They live in our cities virtually as non-citizens. They are forced to live and sleep each night under the open sky braving the bitter winter cold, the merciless summer heat and the deluge of the monsoon.

The largest majority of the homeless people sleep on pavements and sidewalks, under ledges of shops and homes, in market corridors, at bus-stands and railway stations, and outside places of worship, often in daily danger to their lives from rash and drunken drivers.

In some cities, it was noticed that there seems to ba clear preference among single women to live in shrines, families on pavements and children in bus stands and railway stations The Supreme Court has mandated for provisions of night shelters to the urban homeless, living in cities. The objective is to establish shelters with basic facilities in the cities so that shelterless spend the night without fear of cold and danger. The larger objective is to bring them to the mainstream of the society by converging the benefit under various welfare programmes of the Government and provision the same to the Urban Homeless.

The local body will spend Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,00 for every 100 persons including 10 percent on their meals. The NMC had conducted the survey of homeless people last year and found that around 307 persosn were homeless. These shelters will be having a proper kitchen and solar heater to provide hot water to them.