Woman gets two Rs 500 notes of same number from ATM

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 10 Oct 2017 09:10:25


Staff Reporter,

Next time, when you go to ATM to withdraw the money for personal use beware as you may get fake currency or notes of same series. This might be unbelievable but an ATM of a nationalised bank has issued Rs 500 currency of same series on Sunday. Not only that no one in market is ready to accept the said notes raising fears that they may not be legal tender. Surprisingly, bank is not ready to accept the fact that this suspect currency was issued from their ATM.

Aaradhana Choukasey, a working woman withdrew the Rs 1,000 from the ATM of Union Bank of India (UBI) in Rameshwari on Sunday. She got two notes of Rs 500 denominations of same series- 7 PU 258704. She went to Petrol Pump for filling the petrol, however, the boy present in the pump refused to accept the currency. He stated her that the currency is fake.

She went to Petrol Pump Manager and he also refused to accept the currency.
On Monday, she asked Manager of Narendra Nagar branch of the Union Bank to check the ATM and changed her notes. However, the Bank Manager asked her to contact Regional Office at Ramdaspeth. Choukasey, who is working in private firm in Hingna, asked Bank Officers to change her notes immediately as she has no fault.

Shantnu Bijli, Manager of Union Bank of Narendra Nagar, said, “We have received complaint from the lady regarding same series of currency note. We have asked her to come to branch for further inquiry. The ATM is out sourced by the Bank and therefore, the notes filled in the ATM are not provided by the branch. However, we have lodged complaint with the higher ups. After verification we will resolve their issue.”