The power of failure is unbelievable, says Anupam Kher

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 11 Oct 2017 10:32:42


The Hitavada State Bureau,


Calling upon the youths to believe in themselves, eminent film actor, director, producer and motivational speaker Anupam Kher said when a person wearing only a khadi wrap around can bring independence for a country like India, when a school boy who used to walk 10kms for school and become Lal Bahadur Shastri, the former Prime Minister of India, after staying 27 years in jail if Nelson Mandela can become President of his country, and if Rabri Devi can become Chief Minister, he believes ‘Anything Can Happen’.

Kher while citing examples said that life always gives indications of success, which we ourselves have to identify and act upon them. These indications if acted honestly can lead to the path of success. Every human being has different and unique capability, need is to identify these signs and come out of the crowd. He said ‘Bheega hua aadmi, barish se nahi darta’ (an already drenched man is not afraid of water), he said one has to keep on trying irrespective of failures. He said one has to keep on trying and should have the lust to take risks, as it is very important cause ‘if you try you risk failure, if you don’t, you ensure it’, he said.

Addressing a huge gathering of over 15,000 people including students from some 150 schools and colleges at new Krishi Upaj Mandi in Kurud in Dhamtari district at a conclave organised by Vande Mataram Parivar on Failure, Success and Discipline, Anupam Kher, who had acted in over 508 films, a 100 plays and won several awards including Padma Vibhushan and Padmashri, who has seen the rough side of life and faced other challenges, called upon the gathering particularly school and college students
to embrace failure with open mind.

Recollecting his experiences Anupam Kher said he talks about his experiences, just to share with people what he had gone through. He shared how he was thrown out of Saaransh after six months of rehearsal, just days ahead of shooting schedule and replaced with Sanjeev Kumar, said the power of failure is unbelievable. He recalls the struggle to accept himself when he was down. Recalling his grandfather, he said happiness and sadness are in one’s hands. There are both sides of a coin, on one side ‘you can feel very sad by thinking how many people are better off than you, but on the other you can feel very happy by thinking how many people are worse off than you.’

Kher said he was brought up in a family in a humble surrounding where his family had no choice but to be happy because they were poor people. His father was a clerk in the Forest Department and paid just Rs 90 per month with which 14 people in the family had to be fed.

So under such situation only thing one can have is happiness which comes free. He said sadness, depression, unhappiness are the luxury of the rich and intellectuals.
Encouraging the students, Kher said it is easiest thing in for you to be yourself Kher said everyone has the potential within oneself for dealing with such situations. Everyone has the strength to derive from own self, which one cannot get from anywhere else, instead people tend to run away failing to explore our own strength. He called upon youths to determine their strengths. Kher said one should get inspired from his or her failures in life, cause failures teach us more than success.

He called upon the parents to encourage their children in their failure so that children can achieve success. Present on the occasion were Panchayat Minister Ajay Chandrakar, Padma Shri Surendra Dubey, Head of Vande Mataram Parivar Jyoti Bhanu Chandrakar, Ravikant Chandrakar, Dhamtari Mayor Archana Chaubey, Dhamtari Collector R Prasanna, Dhamtari SP Rajnesh Singh and large number of public representatives and officials.