3 boys severely beaten in juvenile home

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 12 Oct 2017 10:52:26


Staff Reporter,


Three minor boys were on Wednesday found severely injured in the Government-run Juvenile Home at Mana. One of the injured has sustained fracture injury in leg. Police will now get the injured examined medically and forward a report.

Mana Police had received an order regarding medical examination of the victims and submit a report. While questions were being raised on the state of affairs in the juvenile home and its care taker, mystery shrouded on the exact reason, whether these juvenile delinquents had themselves indulged in brawl and injured one another or the care taker of the home thrashed them.

The juvenile home is a place where minor offenders are lodged. One of the injured juveniles belonged to a family in Raipur that is not in good books of the common people. On every Wednesday the minors lodged are allowed to meet with their parents. Parents of the three injured children were made to sit separately and were not allowed to meet their children, But later, on their insistence, the children met and narrated their woes, said sources during the routine crime briefing on Wednesday.

The incident happened on last Tuesday. While one minor sustained fracture on leg, the condition of other two showed that there were injury marks on the upper portion of their bodies, on the part from waist to neck. Mediapersons took the photo of the children after permitted by their parents.
As one of the minors belonged to an infamous family, it was being assumed that there must have been some kind of dispute among the three and they only injured one another. Mainly the police sources were trying to present this picture. But, the media representatives converged to the point that whatever may be the reason, the incident certainly raises question regarding safety and caretaking of the minor offenders lodged in the home. Police sources agreed to the point.

On being contacted, CSP, Mana, Mukesh Khare told that mother of one of the victims approached him with a complaint that her son was severely manhandled. The CSP further said that he told the mother that police can not enter the home for taking action unless and until it is directed to do so.

Mana Station House Officer (SHO) informed that the police has received an order to get the injured children medically examined and forward a report. The Police will act accordingly, the SHO said.