Arushi to hold awareness progarmme ‘White Cane Day’ for visually impaired

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Oct 2017 11:05:56


Staff Reporter,

Arushi organisation is celebrating world white cane day on Friday to make people aware about visual Impairment .
This awareness event about blindness and to celebrate the achievements of blind pupil will be organised.
The program aims at sensitizing people about Visual Impairment as a disability. Arushi will be organizing this program with the core theme is that of Mobility Training and Safety in Public Spaces, especially roads, for Persons with Visual Impairment. Participants will include persons with disabilities, police officers and other the youth as well.

The mission of White Cane Day is to educate the world about blindness and how the blind and visually impaired can live and work independently while giving back to their communities, to celebrate the abilities and successes achieved by blind people in a sighted world and to honor the many contributions being made by the blind and visually impaired.
Arushi is a Bhopal-based organization working with and for people with disabilities and issues related to them.

The basic objective of work is to generate opportunities and develop capacities in people with disabilities. The disadvantaged become susceptible to blatant as well as some subtle forms of oppression, exploitation, abuse and marginalization Impairment may be physical, functional or mental, but disabling conditions are structural, (poverty, inequality of income, lack of affordability of services) systemic (physical barriers, restriction of access, ignorance, lack of information) or induced by societal norms (neglect, overprotection sympathetic attitudes). Disabling conditions exist universally and their degree and intensity is situation specific.

This implies that to make an appreciable impact, the interventions have to be need-based. Every year Arushi also organizes Car rally for blind pupil . Blind car rally challenege is a unique car rally is organized annually by Arushi to highlight the potential of persons who are blind or visually-impaired and demonstrate how society can benefit from their inclusion. Each participant in this rally is accompanied by a navigator who is blind or visually impaired and gives directions from a route map in Braille.