Civic body strongly justifies water allotted from Pench

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Oct 2017 09:38:26


By Manish Soni,

The water reservation is apt for existing population

Effort on to reduce distribution loss, improve infrastructure

NMC to submit water budget to VIDC today

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has justified its demand seeking more drinking water for the city. Water Works Department will present Water Budget of the year November 2017-October 2018 to Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) on Friday. The civic body has urged Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) to maintain its water reservation in the pench project. The distribution loss of the Orange City is 30 per cent. The total raw water requirement including transmission losses is 719 MLD.

It may be mentioned that MWRRA has directed local body to submit its water budget to the VIDC before October 15.
However, the local body has decided to submit it on October 13, two-days prior to deadline.
The civic body has refuted the charges of consuming more water than the standard norms and assured to reduce the distribution losses in coming years.

Presently, the distribution loss is 30 per cent as per water audit report. The total loss is 143 MLD while the out-put of water treatment plant (WTP) transmission loss is 2 per cent (10 MLD). The total population as per census 2011 including Hudkeshwar and Narsala area is 24,97,870 while the projected population of 2017 is 28,69,100. The local body is supplying 387 MLD water as per norm of 135 Litres Per Capacity Daily (LPCD) from the consumer taps to the city. The peak season additional demand from March 15 to June 15, will grow upto 50 LPCD that is 36.16 MLD. The fire demand of the city is 5.36 MLD while bulk water demand for railway, hospital and institutions is 45.70 MLD. The total treated water demand at consumer end is 478.93 MLD in the city.

The civic body is receiving 58 MCM from the Kanhan River. The sanctioned reservation in Kanhan river is 65.71 MCM. However, availability of water in river reduces drastically after December and only 58 to 60 MCM water can be lifted annually from the river. The water which can be used from bore well is 5.30 MLD while water from open wells is merely 0.67 MLD.

Maharashtra Water Resources Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) issued directions in a petition filed by former Shiv Sena MLA of Ramtek Adv. Ashish Jaiswal.
The present reservation of NMC in Pench Project is 120 MMC while additional 78 MMC water will be available from the project. The civic body did not pay the amount of Rs 84 crore for the additional reservation of water in the Pench reservoir.

The local body had conducted the water audit way back in 2006. The present non revenue water (NRW) is 50 per cent against that of 65 percent earlier. This was made possible after the closed pipe-line was laid from Navegaon Khairi to the city. It is now proposed to reduce the NRW losses by 25 per cent by the year 2022. The 24x7 water supply project on PPP basis is being executed to reduce the losses.

The MWRRA bench consisting of K P Bakshi, Chairman and V M Kulkarni, Member (WR Engineering) passed order recently and issued certain directions in view of water deficiency in Pench Project, the main source to supply drinking water to the orange city. The Pench water reservoir has only 43 percent stock of the water, therefore, the MWRRA has directed authorities to use the available water more efficiently and judiciously, minimizing the wastage by all water use sectors.