Source: The Hitavada      Date: 13 Oct 2017 11:21:29

SULABH International is a living example of how an NGO can change the lives of the people if it works with dedication and focus. Campaign for building toilets in each home was launched by the Government recently. But Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak has been constructing public toilets known as Sulabh Shouchalay, in cities across the country for the last several years. The Sulabh International has now grown into one of the biggest NGOs in the country. President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, who presented an award to Mr. Pathak for his immense contribution to the society, was right in lavishing praise on him. While toilet in every home is essential, clean public toilets are also equally necessary. However, not enough attention was paid to this basic need, causing immense inconvenience to the people, particularly the women stepping out of their homes. And the less said the better about the pitiable condition of public toilets. Mr. Pathak has set an example on how to manage public toilets. It would be better if more NGOs and corporate houses join him in the toilet mission.


THAT the Centre has raised the pay packages of teaching community in the higher education sector, is welcome. This is in accordance with the recommendations of the seventh pay commission recently announced for the Central staff. In offering higher pay scales the Government is keen on attracting and retaining quality teaching skills for improving the standard in higher education. Such attractive packages, no doubt, are needed for improvement in the academic standards. But much more is needed for achieving the desired results. While Government-funded educational institutions may be paying full scales of salaries, the story is very different in the private educational institutions where the teaching staff rarely gets the mandated packages. They have to make do with whatever the private managements dole out. This is one deterrent for attracting and retaining quality academic talent to the teaching profession. Besides there is no scholarship in the prevailing education system. That needs to be taken care of, first and foremost.