Source: The Hitavada      Date: 15 Oct 2017 10:19:59

THE perverse virtual game Blue Whale continues to play havoc in the country and elsewhere, driving young children to commit suicides as a ‘challenge’. While some of the children were saved in the nick of time by the police and alert family members, the deadly game is still on the prowl on cyber network, waiting to pounce on gullible youngsters, who find it difficult to get out of the trap once enter into the game. Various members of the society, concerned over the loss of lives of youngsters, have approached the Government, urging it to ban the game and many others have approached courts, seeking their directions to the Government to act fast.

The issue of Blue Game menace and the need to ban the game was raised by us also time and again as an alert watchdog of the society. Now, the Supreme Court has also become proactive over the issue and has sought a reply from the Government on a plea seeking to firewall the game, which is playing with the lives of the children across the globe. The proactive approach of the court on nudging the Government to act fast is most welcome as it is a matter of life and death.

Since the number of children using mobile phones is increasing at a faster rate, it has become all the more necessary for the Government to take an urgent action to stop Blue Whale game, before more children fall into its deadly trap. While parents are expected to keep an eye on their children, it is not always possible to do so 24x7, for various reasons. The best way is to stop access to the game by creating a firewall system, as favoured by the Supreme Court.

The Government can easily control the incoming and outgoing network traffic. And if there are some legal issues involved, they can be sorted out by experts. The apex court has suggested forming an expert committee for the purpose. The Government must take immediate a decision in this regard without wasting any time. Facebook, Google and Yahoo have also shown willingness to help the Government in this regard. Everybody, including the apex court, wants that the Blue Whale game should be stopped. The ball is now in the court of the Government. The sooner it acts the better.