Armed to charm

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 17 Oct 2017 11:24:35

By Iffat Amjad Sheikh,

‘Girls rule, rest are fools’, is the loud and clear message on her tattoo. A thorough feminist with a rebellious streak, she is a tomboy, who likes to wage a war with all the men in her office. Meet Vanshika Sharma, who plays the character of Samiksha (Sam), a budding photographer on Sony SAB’s latest offering Aadat Se Majboor.

Armed with a theatre background and trained as a voice artist, which can be gauged by the fact that she has a very clear diction, you can actually hear the sound of each of her spoken word. The pronunciation and pauses are just perfect. The voice quality too opens the door of a singing career for her. Ask her if at all she thought of singing as an alternate career option and with a big laugh, she says, “Thanks for the compliment, but it never really crossed my mind. I only think singing as a hobby. As for the diction, we are trained for that and that’s why we are voice artists”, she says.

Speaking about her character Sam, Vanshika says, “She is born in Haryana, where females don’t enjoy any liberty, so it is the suppressing society that has instilled a rebellious nature in her. She sees men as the biggest trouble on this planet. She voices equality and this is the only quality that I relate to my character in my personal life. I am also against the gender biased society. Otherwise, I don’t see any similarity between me and Sam. Her over the top tomboyish nature makes her a very lovable character”, elaborates the girl with curly hair.

Sharing the camaraderie with her co-actors, she says, “There is vibrancy on the set as each of us being young, brings in a lot of youthful vibes and the bonding can be clearly seen. It is always fun time on the sets as we enjoy working together. It is Sunny and RD who are big pranksters in real life too”, discloses Vanshika laughingly.

Playing the character of Sam, who is a photographer in the magazine City Chakkar, have she learnt to handle the camera and she is quick to add, “Yes, I am slowly getting used to the tricks of the trade and learning to have a correct body language. We have even visited the office of some magazines to know the atmosphere around so that we can add authenticity to our office lives”, continues the lovely lass.

Ask her where does she see herself after five years and after much deliberation, she says, “I never really plan my life. I take life as it comes. As of know, I am concentrating on my debut show and hoping that people like my character Sam. If anything interesting comes along, I will look into it. I don’t have a backup plan if things backfire. Anyway, I am just enjoying life”, says Vanshika on a parting note.

Watch the family entertainer Aadat Se Majboor only on Sony SAB Monday to Friday at 7:30 pm to enjoy the office bonding of five budding youths!