‘Don’t give remote control of your emotions to somebody else’

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Oct 2017 09:32:09


Business Bureau,

“Life is running in a super duper speed. Nobody thinks of taking a pause in this high speed life and think about the corrections to be done in our lifestyle. In the present world where everybody is busy in making money and thinking about the future, they take very less time in analyzing their state of mind and to understand the present situation.

Life of every individual is full of problems and these problems will never end in life. We must understand how to handle these problems rather than thinking on running away from them,” said International Life Coach HG Gaur Gopal Das. He was talking at an interactive meet organised by Nagpur Branch of ICAI on ‘Audit of Life.’

He said, “Everyone feels that they will be happier if they have more money, but in this race of earning more, we lose our inner happiness. We live with lot many expectations from not only ourselves but also from others and in this scenario many times we commit mistake by reacting to the words of others.”

“We should not permit others to disturb our inner peace and should never give the remote to control our emotions to others. We should adopt ‘CAR’ which will be helpful to us to lead a happy and a peaceful life. This CAR stands for C – Change the Changeable, A – Accept the unchangeable and R – Rise above the unacceptable. If anyone really wants to change the condition of life, it is important to change the direction of life. We must inculcate the habit of helping and serving other to give a direction to your life and get the ultimate joy and happiness,” he said.

“We should always focus to beat ourselves rather than beating others. This habit of comparison will kill the joy of peaceful living. We always count the wealth and bank balance, but take out sometime and count the blessings which we all have received. Try to write them all through a gratitude journal every day which will focus our vision to the positives we have in our life. To be happy, we should focus on cultivating gratitude through generosity, kindness, serving to others,” the International Life Coach said.

“Having passion in life is good, but only passion is not sufficient unless it is coupled with purpose as well. When passion comes along with a purpose it becomes compassion which actually changes the way of life. Every human being should connect to spirituality that is the supreme power. We should adopt 6 C which can convert our entire life which correct your equation, change your expectation, compare not with anyone, cultivate gratitude, change your habits and connect with spirituality,” he suggested.

Earlier, CA Sandeep Jotwani, Chairman of Nagpur Branch of ICAI in his welcome address said, chartered accountants are known for audit of financial records and are always busy with audits and various compliances.

“This is a rare opportunity to understand the various other important things which are in our surroundings and to do the real audit i.e. Audit of Life,” he said. He also appreciated the work of International Vedic Cultural Centre (IVCC) in association with which the programme was conducted. IVCC is coming up with a centre at Nagpur to impartVedic education to the citizens and to help them to adopt a proper lifestyle.

CA Swapnil Ghate, Immediate Past Chairman conducted the programme and CA Suren Duragkar, Secretary proposed the vote of thanks. CA. Kapil Gupta, DCO Head of Nagpur Branch co-ordinated the programme.

Prominently present on the occasion were Hon Judge of Mumbai High Court Zaka Haq, renowned businessmen Basantlal Shaw, Ashok Goyal, K D Padole, Shashank Pande, CA. Kirit Kalyani, CA Saket Bagdia, CA Sanjay M Agrawal, CA Jiten Saglani, CA Julfesh Shah, CA O S Bagdia, CA Mahendra Kamath, CA Satish Sarda, CA Swapnil Agrawal, CA P C Sarda, Udyan Shroti and others.