Source: The Hitavada      Date: 19 Oct 2017 11:14:07

RAGING controversy over the world-famous monument the Taj Mahal is uncalled for. Taj Mahal is a historical monument admired world over for its beautiful architecture. The monument draws tourists from across the globe in thousands every year. Being among the wonders of the world, it is the duty of the nation to protect it, irrespective of who has built it. Unfortunately, unnecessary controversies are created off and on over the monument by some men deliberately, vitiating the social atmosphere and denting the image of the country abroad. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mr. Yogi Adityanath is right in his remarks that the Taj Mahal was made by blood and sweat of the sons of India and must be protected. It is sheer absurdity on the part of Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Mr. Sangeet Som to have questioned the Taj Mahal’s place in India’s heritage. No one questions the importance of Taj Mahal in India’s history. Mr. Adityanath has rightly rebuffed Mr. Som without wasting any time as his utterances were highly reprehensible. It was necessary to put an end to the row.


IT IS INDEED time for health revolution in the country, as rightly said by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as the complexities of modern health issues increase. Modern medicine, no doubt, has taken rapid strides through research, development and access to most modern technology. But it also is going out of the reach of even a middle class person, let alone a poorer one. Hence it is necessary to make available to the common man affordable, alternative healthcare. India has a fully developed, ancient healthcare science in the form of Ayurved. But it remains to be fully utilised and exploited for the common man’s use.

One lamentable part is that even Ayurvedic healthcare nearly competes with modern medicine in terms of cost. The Government has to take care of this aspect while introducing domestic healthcare science to the masses. Apart from its wholesomeness in treating most critical ailments, Ayurved needs to be made affordable for the people. In this regard the Prime Minister’s announcement of opening an Ayurvedic hospital in each district is welcome.