People of various communities join Tazia processions in Bhilai

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Oct 2017 10:42:49


Staff Report,


A large number of mourners from Muslim community of Steel City took part in the Muharram procession to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrat Iman Hussain the grandson of Prophet Mohammad. People from different communities also offered prayers and joined the procession. Men loudly beat their chests and whipped themselves with chains during the procession.

The Tazia processions from Industrial Area, Chhounni, Zone-1 Khurshipar, Camp-1 Sultanpaur Chowk and other places were taken out that united at Power House, Square and from their they moved towards Sector-1 Square moving at Central Avenue reached Sector-5 Square. While the Tazia processions from Farid Nagar, Sahid Nagar Anjuman Sahidia, Supela; Laxmi Nagar Green Star Akhada, Supela and Alimuddin Akahda Committee, Laxminagar moved towards Supela Crossing and transverse towards Sectro-6 ‘A’ Market area and finally meet at Sector-5 Square. After ‘milni’ the procession moved towards Zama Masjid and passing through railway crossing culminated at Karbala ground GE Road Bhilai.

The devotees offered Tabarruk and prayed at the Tazia. Prayers were also offered before starting the Tazia by Muslim saints. Khichrha was also offered as a Tabarruk among the public. Some of the precisionists performed gatka and other arts on the way. The political personalities from steel city grabbed the opportunity of interaction and public contact by visiting the avenues from where the Tazias were taken out as the part of observance of Muharram.