RSS chief praises Modi Govt for handling national issues effectively

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Oct 2017 08:22:42


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Protect informal sector from tremors of policy change

Provide employment, work to all

Promote Swadeshi, buy Swadeshi

Don’t allow violent Rohingyas inside India

Remove constitutional impediments to fully integrate Kashmir

Ensure dignity of displaced Hindu refugees, Kashmiri Pandits

Pats Modi Govt on Doka La issue, cross-border challenges

Modernise armed, paramilitary, police force

Strongly backs Gau Rakshaks, slams those defaming cow protection movement

Provide remunerative price to farmers

Don’t blindly ape discarded Western technology in farm sector

Slams Kerala, Bengal Govt for siding with Jehadi elements

Youngsters from good families should join Army

Expresses deep concern over moral degradation

Improve delivery system to successfully implement well-intended projects

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Sarsanghachalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat has applauded Narendra Modi Government for its “courageous and restrained” handling of situations like the Doka La standoff with China, and the choking of funds to separatists in Jammu and Kashmir and patted it for welfare schemes such as Jan Dhan, Mudra bank and gas subsidy.

During his 78-minute-long Vijayadashmi address Dr Bhagwat reiterated strong support to Cow protection movement, scrapping of constitutional provisions preventing full assimilation of Kashmir, stern handling of separatist movement, remunerative farm prices, and improvement in delivery system so that benefits of well-intended schemes would percolate to intended beneficiaries. Addressing annual Vijayadashmi Utsav of RSS at sprawling Reshimbag ground on Saturday morning, Dr Bhagwat also exhorted the Government to protect informal sector, small, medium scale industries, retail while “reforming and cleaning the economic systems.”

Although some tremors and instability is expected, it should be kept in mind that these sectors should feel the minimum heat and ultimately they should get the maximum strength,” the RSS chief stated. Praising the Modi Government for effectively dealing with cross-border terrorism and raising the national prestige in international arena, Dr Bhagwat also called for strengthening the Armed Forces by providing them with more and sophisticated resources, and exhorted countrymen to send more and more of their children to the armed and security forces.

Former Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani, Union Surface Transport and Shipping Minister Nitin Gadkari, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and several dignitaries attended the function. Chief guest and spiritual leader Baba Nirmaldas, could not attend due to ill-health. Mahanagar Sanghachalak Rajesh Loya made introductory remarks and proposed a vote of thanks. RSS Sarkaryavah Bhaiyyaji Joshi, Ram Harkare and Shridhar Gadge were seated on the dais.

Advocates stern handling of Kashmir issue: The RSS Chief while raising the issue of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, Hindu refugees and uneven development in Jammu and Ladakh regions, strongly advocate to get rid of “discriminatory provisions in the state of Jammu and Kashmir” which denied them the fundamental rights while stressing the need to create conditions so that they can “lead a happy, dignified and secure life like other Indians by availing equal democratic rights and fulfilling democratic duties, even while remaining firm and devoted to their religions and national identity.

For this just work, necessary Constitutional amendments will have to be made and old provisions will have to be changed.” He also called society to play a more constructive and positive role to “eradicate the poison of alienation and unrest created through the systematic and false propaganda over the years and show the natural affection.”

Cautioning the countrymen against “a dangerous game played by anti-national forces by stimulating the unrest, separatism, violence, enmity or hatred amongst group or local identities on the basis of language, region, sects, religion etc,” the RSS chief asked the citizens to foil these nefarious designs and be vigilant against attempts “of creating atmosphere for disrespecting the Constitutional provisions” in bordering states.

Protect informal sector from heat of policy changes: Commenting upon the economic policies of Modi Government and prevailing economic scenario, RSS Chief came out strongly in favour of policy changes made by Government. But at the same time, Dr Bhagwat made it very clear that “safety net” of Indian economy-its small, medium industries, informal sector which provides employment to crores, should be protected from disruption.

Stressing the need to protect farmers and rural economy, Dr Bhagwat called upon the Government to ensure “remunerative prices for agricultural produce based on cost of production” and to insulate farmers from the vagaries of nature as well as market fluctuations in prices, and insisted that everybody would have to accept these prices without complaint. While supporting farm loan waivers announced by Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh Government, the RSS chief described these measures as “signs of sensitivity and goodwill of the governments” but made it clear that these temporary measures are not solution to the problem. “New technology and traditional non-polluting methods should be amalgamated for farmers so that they can do farming with less investment and without getting into debt trap,” he noted.

Develop Indian economic model: Dr Bhagwat also asked the NITI Aayog and economic advisers to abandon the “same old economic isms” and present solutions based on reality on the ground for India’s growth. He termed gross domestic product (GDP) figures as “a faulty parameter” still used to measure the economy’s health and progress. “Our NITI Aayog and economic advisers of the states will have to systematically consider the national ideals, traditions, needs and resources together add integrate the most up-to-date economic experiences with the ground reality of our nation.,”

People will also have to relentlessly insist on buying the Swadeshi products while fulfilling their day to day needs and doing other purchases, Dr Bhagwat stated.
Cow protection is a pious work: Launching a blistering attack on those defaming cow protection movement and equating Gau Rakshaks as cow vigilante, Dr Bhagwat lashed out at those trying to defame the “Cow protectors and promoters who are piously involved in the activity.”

“Our Constitution mandates cow protection. But nowadays, some people have embroiled it in controversial language. It is unfair to link cow protectors or the entire activity of cow protection with violent incidents or communal feelings,” he stated while advising Gau Rakshaks not to worry or “ get distracted with well-intentioned statements from highly placed persons in the government, or by remarks made by the Supreme Court.” Raising attention towards violent activities of those involved in illegal smuggling of cattle and violent attacks on activists who were peacefully involved in cow protection, the RSS chief rued that “This issue is neither discussed nor being inquired into.”

Many followers of Muslim faith are also involved in the activity of cow protection, cow promotion and management of gaushalas, Dr Bhagwat noted while cautioning the society not to get confused due to misinterpretation of statements by vested interests to influence the larger public opinion. While supporting action against those involved in violence, RSS chief stated that the criminals should get penalised but the innocents must not be troubled.

“The legal and virtuous work of cow-protection and cow-promotion will go on in the interest of the people and will increase in coming days,” he asserted.
Rohingya’s a threat to national security: Strongly opposing any move to provide shelter to Rohingyas, Dr Bhagwat described them as “a threat to national security” and cautioned countrymen from the existing problem of illegal Bangladeshi migrants. “Rohingyas are being driven out of Myanmar mainly due to their continuous violent and criminal separatist activities and linkages with the terrorist groups. Any decision regarding them should be taken by keeping in mind that they will definitely be a threat to national security and integrity,” Dr Bhagwat stated while supporting Modi Government for unambiguous stance over the issue.

Give up colonial thinking: Giving a clarion call to decolonise the mind, Dr Bhagwat exhorted the “intellectuals and thinkers to get rid of the ill-effects of the colonial thought and mindset.” These ill-effects emanating from the colonial era, has engulfed our minds and made us self-abominating, confused and murky, he noted. age. Spelling out his vision for urgent reforms in education system, the RSS chief noted “During the colonial period, foreign rulers brought in many disastrous changes in the education system, curriculum and management. Creating the sense of inferiority in Bharatiya social mind was the main objective behind that. Education will have to get rid of those impacts. New education policy should be carved out in such a manner so that education becomes affordable and accessible even to children and youth living in remote jungles and villages.”

Social scene quite disturbing: Expressing deep concern over recent incidents of coming on streets for every small reason, citizens resorting to violence showing insensitivity and disrespect towards duties, laws and the Constitution, taking benefit of such situations by the anti-social criminal elements and anti-national forces who want to disturb the faith, integrity and peace in society, is direct outcome of degrading moral values and sense of responsibility in the society and unrest in social sections or selfish politics, Dr Bhagwat stated while reiterating his appeal to “expedite the work of moral awakening at familial and societal levels.”