Shia Community takes out Matami Julus

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 02 Oct 2017 10:53:11


Staff Reporter,

Shia Community took out Matami Julus from Omti on the concluding day of Ten Day Muharram Festival of Scarifies on Sunday.

Large number of youth and old person hits themselves with hunter to express their grief on the martyrdom of Ali Hassan grandson of Prophet Mohammad. Matami Julus started from the Jakir Ali Jama Masjid Phootatal after performing rituals of Aamle Ashoora under the auspices of Anjuman Rifae Momeneen Shia imam bada Galagala. Youth of Shia community were reciting fatiya on the martyrdom of Imam Hussein. Youths were hitting themselves with iron chain to show their grief on how the Imam Hussain was tortured. After passing through the Favara, Baldeobagh Aga chowk Matami Julus culminate at Ranital Kabala.

The community Shia's considers Ali, Hassan and Hussain as the rightful successors of Prophet Mohammed and mourn their death during Muharram. At the appearance of the moon, people clad in black assemble and recite plaintive verses over sweetened cold drink, in memory of Imam Hussain. They observe the entire month as a period of mass mourning.

There is no celebration or expression of joy of any kind. Women are expected to forsake all adornments. Public enactments of grief, depicting scenes from the Battle of Karbala, are carried out in Shia mosques on the first ten days. This is done to express the brutalities that Hussain underwent during the battle of Karbala. Large number of people were present.