Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Oct 2017 10:50:56

THE efforts of the Supreme Court to have a pollution-free Diwali in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) have met with only a partial success as thick, poisonous smoke due to bursting of firecrackers still choked the atmosphere despite the ban imposed by it on the sale of firecrackers. It was expected that the people would respond enthusiastically to the decision taken by the Supreme Court in the interest of everybody’s health and there would be a sharp decline in bursting of crackers. Though Delhi experienced a somewhat cleaner Diwali compared to previous years, it was not a cause to celebrate as yet. It is surprising that on the one hand, people keep complaining about air quality deteriorating, leading to respiratory diseases and on the other hand, many of them are unwilling to cooperate with the authorities. Others, therefore, have to pay a price. This is the biggest malady the country is facing. It is unfortunate that every time the court has to crack a whip to correct the wrong. Had people responded voluntarily, this Diwali would have been much cleaner.


PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, by asking bureaucrats to shed silo mentality, has obviously laid emphasis on imparting dynamism to governance. In a way he is suggesting, and rightly so, that the red-tape bound bureaucracy is a big bottleneck in the functioning of the Government and an impediment in the delivery of justice and service to the common man. With the Government setting time-bound targets for achieving inclusive development goals, the bureaucracy, as the major conduit in the delivery system, must show equal alacrity and respond effectively. As an important arm of the Government, Mr. Modi’s emphasis on the bureaucracy shedding its age-old, indolent style of functioning is quite understandable. The Government is seeking to dismantle the old style of delivery system, which was neither responsive nor responsible, nor transparent. A rapidly growing economy like that of India’s cannot afford to have a major arm of the Government functioning in a manner that proves an impediment in bringing out just and timely results.