eye on pak!

Source: The Hitavada      Date: 21 Oct 2017 10:45:06

THE American expectation, though only non-officially expressed, that India can keep an eye on Pakistan, however, is of a limited value. For, considered in the larger context, India has always done that with diligence. It has kept reminding the world that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists and has big nuisance value to international harmony. In that manner, the statement by Ms. Nikki Haley, United States (US) Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), is almost superfluous. Yet, in what could be considered an American endorsement of the utilitarian role India can play, Ms. Nikki Haley has stressed that India can lend much help to the United States to keep an eye on various Pakistani shenanigans. 

This expectation has multiple facets, so to say. One of the most important points expressed by Ms. Haley is that India should be helping the United States to keep a tab on Pakistan, almost implying that such a help would keep that country under check. For the Indian policy, this suits the purpose well. For, India has often appealed to the global community to form a common front against terror and wage a war against the demonic tendencies and finish those. So, extending help to any force that pitches itself against terror, is an integral part of India’s policy.

But another and more critical angle in this regard is India’s independent battle against terror. That India has suffered a lot on account of terrorism is one trigger that makes India work the hardest to fight terror. But more critical than this suffering is India’s philosophical belief that terrorism is a curse to humanity and that it is against the tenets of liberalism that is a foundation of democratic thought. India has often believed that terrorism militates against the principle of peaceful and harmonious togetherness. From this standpoint, India has often battled against all forms of terror and has lent its resources to any other country or its Government to offer an effective resistance to the global menace.

Most unfortunately, however, India realises that the world does not look at terror as a threat to humanity in the same manner as does India. While India’s opposition to terror is philosophical, most other countries, including the United States of America, look at the thereat merely from a political standpoint. That certainly reduces the intensity of their response to terror. And this is India’s true and genuine grief.

For, in the past two or three decades, even the United States has behaved in a completely political manner, stooping to the extent of asking for more proof of Pakistan’s involvement in terrorism whenever India made a strong case against terror. Currently, even China is also behaving in a similar manner, getting driven by mere political and diplomatic exigencies that defy India’s comprehension of the issue. As for the US, it has often taken Pakistan’s side for reasons beyond India’s perception. Despite the fact that Pakistan had been using American weapons and resources to fan terrorism in India, successive US Administrations have backed Pakistan on most critical of issues. India has often found itself at its wit’s end with the American stance, no matter who is leading in Washington.

So disappointed has India become on most occasions when things came to crunch as regards Pakistan, that it almost gave up its diplomatic campaigns across the world to build a common global front against terror. Of course, in the last three years, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s persistent, persuasive approach to diplomacy has seen a paradigm shift in Indo-US relations. The relations have continued in a similar fashion even during the new Trump Administration. Let us hope, the statement by Ms. Mikki Haley brings about a more positive change.