Source: The Hitavada      Date: 22 Oct 2017 11:48:01

UTTAR Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that Ram Rajya is a secular concept and not a religious expression. He stressed that Ram Rajya symbolises a Welfare State in which the citizen is the sovereign authority and the sole purpose of existence of the State as an entity. It is a condition in which there is no poverty or no deprivation or no rejection or no negation of good thought. The UP Chief Minister is of the view that the concept of Ram Rajya is for popular and larger good and is not restricted to any faith as such.

This explanation by Yogi Adityanath should put at rest any controversy about what Ram Rajya stands for. Ram was a person who influenced the flow of Indian history in a big way, thanks to his welfare measures, his liberalism, his pluralism and his inclusive policies that treated all on equal footing of justice beyond self. Ram was among those Kings who emptied his treasury to complete welfare projects because he believed fundamentally that the money in people’s pockets is better than in the State treasury. In times of crisis, the money with the people could always come in handy for the King’s use.

This is a tremendous concept, not even intelligible to today’s politician or even the common man. For, it highlights a principle that the common man legitimises the existence of the State as a collective entity. The most critical aspect of Ram Rajya is that it denotes a system or regime in which the King is under constant scrutiny from members of common public. In today’s atmosphere when political leaders indulge in wanton mud-slinging and the social media going berserk with no sense of responsibility, the idea of the King being watched and his actions being scrutinised in all seriousness by the common people, would sound preposterous. kingdom of King Ram, public scrutiny was taken with total seriousness and the king did not mind acting on the opinion of even a washerman about Sita being impure due to her long stay in Ravana’s captivity.

To the modern mind, such a step may sound nonsensical, but in those days, such was the norm. Such was the method and manner of the Kings and Royals. They were certainly the ruling class, but the sovereign were the common people. Ram Rajya denotes all these virtues which sound or appear so out far removed from the reality of today’s scenario.

It is from that point of view that we must assess the goodness of the concept of Ram Rajya. It is certainly not a religious expression but a welfare concept in which the King held himself responsible to every event happening in his State and answerable to every of his citizens. In today’s politics, only a lip service is paid to such a thought, in Ram Rajya that was the common practice that nobody fussed about. Yogi Adityanath has made a very critical point which all of us must consider.